Ok, let’s start by clarifying that I know a person doesn’t HAVE TO BE sporty to be successful in life. That being said, it’s safe to say that a disproportionate percentage of successful individuals around the world are incredibly physically fit and put a premium on taking care of their physical and mental well-being. Coincidence? I think not.

With that fact in mind, I’d like to share my seven top tips for dominating your typical workday. Why? Because I, my Runtastic team and the folks at GamePlan A all believe that when you tackle your work life with an athlete’s heart, the quality of your experience and performance will truly be that much better, more inspiring and fun (for you and those around you).

1. The early bird catches the worm

It might not be in everyone’s DNA, but getting an early start on the day can give you an enormous advantage when it comes to productivity and focus. If your mind and body allow it, get up a bit earlier in the days and weeks to come to see just how much you can accomplish by noon! Do note that an earlier wake-up call should be supported by a reasonable bedtime – make sure to be getting adequate ZZZs to optimize your energy levels and focus (and minimize illness and fatigue!) throughout the day.

2. Find your favorite time to sweat and go for it

You might be an early bird runner, a lunchtime warrior or more of an evening gym rat. Whatever your personal style, do try out different activities and different times of day until you find something that sticks. Consistency is key! And too little time should never be an excuse – there’s always time for a quick bodyweight training workout wherever you are! Plus, sweating it out – alone or with your team – has enormous benefits on your fitness, mental health, stress levels, ability to focus and so on… What’s stopping you? Lace up, get creative & get moving!

3. Stay hydrated

It sounds easy and you’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. Over 70% of our bodies are water and our brain is even more dependent on good ole H2O. From the start of the day to the finish, make sure you’re sipping water and other calorie-free drinks throughout the day. Calorie free, you say? Correct – it’s great to keep gulping throughout the day, but also keep an eye on what you’re drinking. For top health, moods and energy, most folks opt to avoid drinking their calories.

4. Make time for periodic movement

That’s right – even those that spend an hour plus running or at the gym each day should still schedule or sneak in time to take a few steps or stretch their stiff muscles throughout the day. Our bodies were made for movement and even hardcore sweat sessions should not be used as an excuse to get out of regular daily movements. Catch the elevator? Nah, we’ll take the stairs!

5. Don’t flake on your nutrition

How can you expect to kill it at your afternoon meeting if you’re in a food coma from your XL pizza at lunch? Let’s get serious, people. If you want to be performing at your best and delivering like nobody’s business, this means being mindful of your nutrition – especially during those critical office hours. Would a pro athlete chow down on junk food the morning of a big game? I think not.

#breakfast for champions. Cereals, walnuts, goji berries, blueberries & milk ☀️☀️☀️ #afterrun #worldnotobaccoday

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Florian Gschwandtner (@florian.gschwandtner) am

6. Connect with people, the old-fashioned way

Not only does connecting with people f2f often include taking a few steps to get there (see tip #4), it also nourishes your mind and soul. Email is fine and text is sometimes necessary, but if you have a question or quick request from a colleague – for goodness sake, stand up and go visit your team member. Same goes for family and friends… as sweet and simple as social media and messaging apps can be, never underestimate a quality get-together (whether it be over a meal, a glass of wine or a walk through your town). #strongertogether

7. Reserve time to rejuvenate and reset

As mentioned above, creating adequate time for sleep – as well as “you time” – is a critical, and often overlooked part of staying on top of your game. In order to be performing best at the office and on your field of play, you’ve got to be fully energized and in it to win it! So whatever helps you recharge your batteries – whether it be yoga, meditation, cooking or even a bit of Netflix – find the activities that help restore your natural energy, motivation and inspiration and make time for these things each and every week!

Try out some of the above in the coming weeks and let me know in the comments below if workday productivity increases.

Athletes are winners - on the pitch and in the board room

Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner shares his entrepreneurial lessons and principles based on his athlete’s mindset in the first GamePlan A Speaker Series.

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by Gabriela Moscoso 10.08.2017
Cool tips Florian! Indeed all have a great positive impact on a daily basis!
by Kimberly Koch 14.08.2017
Great article!! I'm a teacher and we start back in a few days. Good article to the start of a new school year!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Kimberly Koch 22.08.2017
Have a great start, Kimberley :)