Thursday evening, 6 o’clock. It’s been a long day – productive, but long. Time to go home, grab something to eat on the go and spend a promising evening in front of the TV.

Stop right where you are, I’ve got better plans for you.

I will spend my evening with 20 highly motivated individuals who are willing to invest a lot of sweat and ongoing determination to step up their fitness game. 20 individuals, who may be a little bit tired when we first meet but are bursting with energy only 90 minutes later. 20 individuals who are celebrating team work not only in business but also in sports.

Or, to put it in other words: I am a company sports trainer who’s been coaching a bunch of colleagues in boxing every Tuesday and Thursday evening for the past three years. And there are good reasons for you to show up there, too!

Those who sweat together, stick together

In my courses you can find employees from all levels, business areas and nationalities working together towards becoming better athletes. The atmosphere is free of hierarchies and full of playfulness, thus making Company Sports courses the perfect platform to find new partners in crime and expand your business network. Of course the fact that nearly all boxing exercises are performed in pairs also helps to overcome initial reservations and grow together as a team. Furthermore, as a trainer, I try to catapult the networking aspect to the next level by inviting my course participants for joint lunches.

And it works. For example, I once had a participant who wanted to change roles but wasn’t really aware of options to do so. After opening up about this within one of our sessions a colleague from a totally different business unit encouraged him to apply for an open position within his team. Long story short, the job-hunting colleague followed his advice, got the position and lived happily ever after. And the moral of this story? Those who sweat together, stick together.

Boxing session two women practice fighting with their boxing gloves on
Boxing training isn’t all fun and games…
Two guys at a boxing session practice fighting with gloves on
… but pushing your boundaries with every training session helps you to grow as a person.
Boxing Session Team standing in a half circle and putting their gloves together
Oh what a team!
Boxing Session Small Talk Two Guys Standing in front of a mirror
There’s always some time left for a little chat at the end of a session.
01 of

Knock out everyday stress

Jab, cross, uppercut, hook: In boxing you have to concentrate to avoid taking a severe drubbing and provide your partner with valuable feedback on their technique. That annoying email you received yesterday? Get over it. While training, all that counts is the here and now, the next punch, the next block.

Sport lets you forget the sorrows you have and clear your mind. It’s no wonder that I sometimes step outside the course room with the perfect answer to that annoying email – even without having actively invested brainpower into it.

Boxing trainer giving advices to one of the participants by showing him how to box
Living solely in the here and now is a pretty rare state of mind, but sport helps you to get there.

A place where giving in is not an option

Enhanced coordination and refined technique: For me it’s great to see how my course participants are improving with every session. But one of the rather underrated skills that you establish during boxing training – and in many other sports – is a true fighter’s mindset. Boxing a punch bag for three minutes nonstop is not a piece of cake! Motivating words from a coach or peer, lots of determination and a little bit of group pressure helps you to persevere during these exhausting yet rewarding 180 seconds. Overcoming your weaker self in sport time and time again helps you to stick with all sorts of challenges when the going gets tough and I know my classes’ participants are determined to go that extra mile!


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by Vladimir 06.07.2017
Best course in the adidas gym that ever existed, thanks to the coach who has successfully built a community of people. It's a true example of how sports is more than just the activity. Kudos Marko!!!
by Jana Maddox 05.10.2017
I totally agree with Vladimir, I really miss Marko's Boxing class, since I left HQ.
by Min 27.10.2017
Marko is the best, and his class is also the best.
Hi Min,

being a member of his boxing class as well, I can only agree. Marko is a great coach and colleague and knows how to form a team during the class!


by Men Leather Baseball Gloves 15.04.2019
This must be a stress releasing routine. In jobs we take too much stress and through the day this goes up. Why not start doing fitness class for better fitness and mentally calmness.
by Boxing lover 13.12.2019
What type of gloves do you prefer though? 8oz or 14oz and how do you differentiate between them?



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