Emotional health, as an essential component of prosperity, measures the degree of satisfaction with life and even pre-empts the level of success. Being in excellent spirits, we find it easier to handle anything life throws at us. As a matter of fact, any person is capable of smoothing out emotional roller coasters that arise in the forms of anxiety, fear, despair, depression and other unpleasant troubles.

Here are my top 10 tips to maintain your emotional health:

1. Be nice to your body

The ability to deal with discomfort is valuable as long as we keep in mind our physical health. Human body doesn’t need much, but it appreciates regularity: make sure to have enough sleep, watch your nutrition, and exercise systematically, try to minimize if not eliminate bad habits and spend more time outdoors.

workout in the gym_keep-your-emotional-helth-in-shape-adidas_Russia-employee-workout
Get a regular fitness class in your diary to keep both body and mind healthy.

2. Learn how to read your own emotions

Short-term affects and long-term moods bring all kinds of colors into our lives: positive feelings comfort while negative emotions warn. Ability to figure out your own emotional experiences and speak openly about them prevents psychosomatic illnesses. Usually, we are not bothered by pleasant emotions, but are trying to avoid negative ones. However, our life wouldn’t be complete without unpleasant feelings: they push us to change things for the better, solve conflicts and grow as individuals.

3. Develop professionally

Find something that you are truly passionate about and are able to do very well, and turn it into a regular occupation. Select a field, which lets you grow, develop an open approach to knowledge and reach new heights of expertise in that field.

Think about work or community projects you are passionate about and focus your energy on helping them flourish.

4. Offer help. Sometimes for free

Do good to others pro bono and don’t always expect something in return.

5. Make time for yourself

Every now and then we all need some time of our own, which we usually are too busy to find. Put it into your schedule and stick to the plan: whether it’s taking a hot bath, meditation and reflection or creating an aircraft models, all of us from time to time need to reflect on what we have achieved, reassess our goals, values, relationships, problems or mistakes.

6. Be creative

By freeing up creativity we stimulate the emotional part of our brain, which allows discovering new and taking a look at the problem from a different angle.

7. Build strong relationships

There are two types of people: those who receive our emotional energy and the ones who we get this energy from. Spend time with people who have positive effect on you, who you admire and which company you truly enjoy.

Good vibrations go a long way! Keep positive friends and co-workers close by.

8. Leave cellphone at home

Modern technologies erase communication boundaries but at the same time they might serve as a perfect tool to leave reality behind. Keep in mind that only face to face communication results in true emotions and unique experiences.

9. Look towards the future

Don’t leave yourself without clear and inviting targets. Every morning find something that gives you joy, and brings you closer to your goal.

10. Know your values

There are just two things that make our life unbearable: it’s either endless suffering or meaningless suffering. If we set a time limit and put a clear meaning into it, then suffering turns into training of our personal qualities.

Try out these emotional health tips and let me know how you get on in the comments below.


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by Ian 28.06.2017
Great tips! Emotional health can be the most underrated topic today in our culture. Today, people spend too much time on what social media want people to value and we spend too less time on discovering our own personal goal and emotional health.
by Md Rabby Hasan 06.09.2019
Great tips... Really helpful for me.
by Maksim Md Rabby Hasan 06.09.2019
Thank you.
by Asif 14.09.2023

Maintaining emotional health is essential for overall well-being. These 10 tips provide valuable insights into nurturing emotional resilience and balance. Prioritizing self-care, seeking support when needed, and practicing mindfulness are key steps toward a healthier emotional state.