Carousel – a word that originated from the Italian garosello and Spanish carosella, meaning Little Battle. It was actually a combat preparation exercise and a cavalry training mechanism that prepared and strengthened riders for actual combat. By the 18th century this formation was adapted as an amusement ride in fairs across Europe.

How apt is it that the adidas talent programme is known as the Talent Carousel. A programme that encourages and enables employees to make cross category and cross functional moves to a different location. A training ground of sorts – that pushes you to test your limits, not just professionally, but also personally; and at the same time throws you into a whirlwind of fun and exploration.

adidas employees talent carousel
Some of my fellow Talent Carousel colleagues who've been a great support during our relocation phase.

I recently moved from Corporate Communication in Herzogenaurach, Germany to take on the role of Key Account Manager in New York. Oh yes, it was a change alright; both personally and professionally, and what an exciting ride it has been so far.

I wanted to use this post to share five tips that have aided me so far to make sure I don’t get swept away by the speed of the Carousel.

1. It's ok to feel that way

It’s a whole new setting and the pressure to get up to speed can be quite high. I told myself it’s ok to feel lost and overwhelmed, and used that to further propel my curiosity. Tell yourself to keep calm and carry on. I’m making lists, ticking off check boxes, and asking a million questions – need to make sure I’m all geared up.

2. Keep the things that make you comfortable

One of Talent Carousel coaches advised me to make sure that I stick to the routines that made me comfortable. For e.g. I don’t function well without breakfast. So I take the time to cook my favourite morning meal.  In Germany I used to use lunch breaks for company sports workouts. In NYC, thanks to the amazing team, and an almost celebrity fitness influencer for a colleague we have our one minute flash workouts. So don’t be surprised if you stop by to see me in my office and I’m planking near my desk.

fitness post with 3 women adidas talent carousel

3. Keep your peeps close

We live in a world of technology. Saying everything is at a press of a button is a redundant statement. Stay connected. Reach out to your near and dear ones. I was also lucky to have a colleague from my previous team move from Germany to NYC around the same time. And the Talent Carousel circle has been a great network to share and care! At the same time, be curious about and open to meeting new people.

4. 90- day plan

Work with your new team and line manager on whatever makes sense for you. My line manager and I have put together a 90 day onboarding plan for me that I regularly check on and amend where needed.

5. Explore and embrace

Lastly, don’t forget to explore and embrace your new surroundings.  Every weekend I make it a point to check out a new area, a new restaurant, museum, or exhibition. It’s not going to be long before a new place starts to feel like home.

woman posing with Adi Dassler in New York City flagship store adidas talent carousel
Even exploring my new city I've managed to find some familiar faces such as Adi Dassler at our 5th Avenue Stadium Store!

I can't wait for what this journey has in store for me. Bring it on!


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by Sofia 25.04.2017
'Be curious about and open to meeting new people', the best way to learn from others and keep growing!
by Akshata Sofia 03.05.2017
Hope you enjoyed the read. Never stop learning!
by Lauren Handler 26.04.2017
Dear Akshata & The Adidas Team,

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a recent graduate from New York. I just read your article in Adidas GamePlan A newsletter and was extremely interested and inspired by your work experiences. I am hoping to pursue a similar path as you, growing a career in New York City that I can eventually take internationally with me or vice versa.

My background and experience is in marketing, communications, and international relations and I am eagerly pursuing opportunities at the Adidas Group in the US and Europe. I would love to hear more about your journey and relocation experience while moving and achieving your career goals, specifically within the international scope of Adidas. If you would be willing to chat about it or answer some questions I would love the opportunity to learn more!

by Akshata Lauren Handler 08.05.2017
Hi Lauren,

Thanks for reaching out. It's great that you are interested in kicking of your career with the adidas Group.

Don't forget to visit the adidas Group career site - where you can find jobs across different locations and also get information about the different programmes like internships and the Functional Trainee Programme (which I would recommend that you surely check out).

The Game Plan A site is a great platform to gather tips on career paths. Here are some to get you started:

When it comes to the actual logistics of relocation, adidas provides you with the support you need for international moves.

Hope this helps. Good luck with the search and let me know if any other questions pop up.

by Richard Mkoloma 05.05.2017
Great to see you've made another move since (y)our time in Herzo ... ( i was there also before you left) - You've shared some great tips and I hope they help more newbies --- Enjoy New York, living there is a lot of fun if you make use of all it has to offer! Enjoy making friends - Local knowledge is the best!

by Akshata Richard Mkoloma 08.05.2017
Hi Rich,

Thanks for the note. Travelling for work or leisure is always such a great way to broaden your horizons. The experience so far has been very rewarding.
by Robert Lilley 11.05.2017
Hey Akshata,

Fantastic read and a really interesting journey you have undertaken. I am seeking internship opportunities and I also regularly visit the careers website for internship opportunities. I was wondering if you could offer any extra advice or guidance about applying to work at Adidas?

Thanks, Robert
by Akshata Robert Lilley 21.05.2017
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your comment and great to hear that you are interested in internship opportunities with adidas.

As a start I can only encourage you to read the game plan A platform and the adidas-group website to familiarize yourself with the company and its culture.

Check out some of the links I have posted as a comment to Lauren above.

Then start by thinking about which areas would interest you the most and how will this first step help you to where you want to go ahead. This will assist in narrowing down the areas you would like to apply for and also guide you on building a strong candidate profile in your application.

Lastly, as you're doing, keep an eye on the career site, send in your applications, give interviews, take in feedback and work on it. Both positive feedback and constructive criticism are some of the strongest tools that'll help you grow throughout your career.

Good luck!

by Sid 01.07.2017
Fantastic read ! Adidas seems like a fun place to work. Kudos.
by Akshata Sid 01.07.2017
Thanks for the kind note. It sure is a fun place to work at.