The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you think of some of the world’s greatest athletes, they all share a deep passion for their work. I remember the French football legend Zinedine Zidane once said, as a child he would take a football with him when he went to bed. That’s how much he loved the game. His dedication to what he loves the most clearly drove him to great success.
But sometimes starting to do what you love can be the hardest part. Maybe you are not yet aware of what you want to do, maybe you feel a lack of prospects or maybe you just don’t want to get out of your comfort zone. These four steps helped me to move forward and to finally start doing what I love.

1. Conduct a thorough self-reflection

man writing down something on a mirror in a locker room how to finally do what you love
Take time to reflect on yourself and identify your personal strengths and weaknesses.

First of all take your time and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you really know what skills you have. Assess yourself, but also ask for external feedback. Eventually think about your passion. Is there something that you really enjoy doing? If you haven’t found it yet, just keep looking.
While reflecting on myself around 18 months ago, I was able to sharpen the outline of my personal skills and most importantly my passion. As a huge fan of sports ever since my childhood I realized I wanted to devote myself more to sports.

2. Define a goal for your future

What would you love to do then? Think of different scenarios, apply your skills and also let your dreams inspire you.
The next step for me was to implement my passion for sports into my daily routine. I wanted to discover new sports activities, gain new perspectives and embed sports more intensely in my life on both a personal and professional level.

3. Carefully scan your environment for opportunities and actively pursue them

When you’ve figured out your future goals, come back into the present. Start to scan your current environment carefully and see whether there are any opportunities which could potentially bring you closer towards your goal. Consider relationships, activities, skills, knowledge or just daily occurrences, it can be anything. You might find it hard to do right away, but keep thinking it through. The picture will get clearer eventually. Once you are able to identify your opportunities, chase them down. No excuses!
I started to write a blog about brand communication in football to combine my professional knowledge with my passion. Then I realized I wanted to learn more about leadership in sports so I volunteered as an assistant coach for my local team to experience team sports from a different angle. I also started to attend several sports-related talks to broaden my horizon.

man sitting alone on stairs in a stadium how to finally start doing what you love
Your environment can be full of opportunities, sometimes you just need to open your eyes.
guy smiling with a football shoe in his hand
The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
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4. Get closer to your goal by bringing all pieces together

Going through the three previous steps I not only managed to spend more quality time on my passion, but also elevated myself higher towards my goal. Suddenly all my actions led to new paths, gave me new perspectives and eventually created new opportunities, such as working for a sports-driven company like adidas. Just like a puzzle, all those little parts came together, interlaced and established an environment which now allows me to do what I love. These things were around me all the time, I just never recognized them as actual opportunities.

When will you finally start doing what you love?


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by Gemina Stroud 05.04.2017
Roman, this is a question I ask myself daily! I LOVE sports, I LOVE to write and I LOVE to help other people. I know what I want to do (initiatives for women), but I have to figure out a way to bring my thoughts into fruition. I read a great book once, The Alchemist. It states that the tools we need to succeed are within and around a buried treasure. Here's to hoping I find an answer to your question by week's end (wishful thinking lol...but I am serious). Great post!
by Frank Gemina Stroud 06.04.2017
I agree Gemina. I think finding answers to these questions is a continuous task that never really ends. It's also about just getting started and about seizing the opportunities which come up - no matter how big or small they are. This is also why I really liked the following quote: "Once you marry your dream with practicality, then you’re only limited by your own thoughts and work ethic." -
We shouldn't hold ourselves back just because an opportunity/idea seems too big or too meaningless - I feel this is too often serves as an excuse to not get into a practical "operational" mode.
by Gemina Stroud Frank 06.04.2017
Frank, thanks for our response. I like that quote as well.

Steve Jobs once posed a question in an article I read. The question was "What makes your heart sing?" I have this question posted on my computer so that I will stay mindful of my goals and dreams. I dare to reach them.

Are you doing what you love? Or are you on track to make it happen?
by Frank Thomas Gemina Stroud 07.04.2017
I think I can answer this question with a confident, yes. There are still things I aim to eliminate from my life. There are things that I consider "enablers" and "necessities" to make my bigger vision work. There are things I want to grow even stronger in my life. There are still unexplored an untapped potentials, I probably am not aware of yet (which is good and exciting). That being said, yes, I think I am "on track" ... for now:)
by Gemina Stroud Frank Thomas 07.04.2017
Good to hear Frank! Sending positive vibes your way! Here's to the both of us turning our plans/goals into ACTION. Have a great weekend!
by Roman Gemina Stroud 11.04.2017
I'm glad you guys share the same experience!
It's so important to open up and see what's around you. Keeping the big picture in mind, so many opportunities will appear! In this spirit, keep your eyes wide open!
by Amandine DAGO 01.06.2017
This article resonates so much with me. Sometimes it is hard, when you really loves many things in this Life. You start thinking you have to pick just one. Because that's what's best or what society would like you to do. But at the end, the only thing that matters is what seats your soul on fire, being one or multiple things. You just have to go for it and enjoy the ride!
by Tayo Adaran 27.06.2017
Sage advice! It's not easy taking the first step but it's the only way to start the journey. Good read.
by Rosalia Guzman 26.12.2019
As soon as I can become an Adidas employee ❤ I just graduated and I'm using these steps to get to my ultimate career goal, Director of Marketing Strategy for Adidas.
by Brandon Williams 10.01.2020
Thanks for this uplifting post. I am currently trying to chase my dream of working with Adidas. Im a veteran and want to do more good through sport and fashion, my first passions. I want to do what I love for a career now! This post definitely gives me more motivation and direction as I continue to find a way to my goal! Thank you!