Sometimes we’ve got to make important decisions about our development. We see something in our game or our training, and we change it. Momentum breathes confidence, and if you feel like you’re moving forward every day the satisfaction is undeniable. Your own development is something you have to take control of, and don’t expect anybody else to invest time in developing you when you don’t take the time to invest in yourself.

When you train you set yourself fitness targets, and each day you strive to reach them. Bringing this same approach to your development can help you to progress daily in your career.

Last year I came to a fork in my career path. I had a decision to make – I could either continue on the same road, knowing that I wasn’t developing or being challenged the way I wished or I could change paths. Choosing the latter I began to look for opportunities that excited me and combined my passions with my career. Like a talented footballer trying to reinvent his career I changed my club, I changed my league and I changed my country.

two arrows going opposite ways taking control of your own career
When you reach a fork in the road take the time to evaluate how you want to your career to develop. ©Liam Larkin/EyeEm

I moved from a graduate position in my previous job in Ireland to an internship at the adidas Group HQ in Germany. Taking this ‘backwards’ career move seemed like the necessary step to take back control of my development and provide me with an avenue to move forward. Making this bold decision gave me back my sense of ambition and relit the hunger I once had when graduating from university.

I was fortunate enough to get an internship in the Western Europe Business Development team. Changing my circumstance gave me a new exciting challenge in a new country with a different language. This change forced me to adapt quickly and I rapidly became more aware of my goals and what drives me to be successful.

Communicating with your colleagues and your manager is the best tool for your own development. Speaking to my team I was able to help out on really exciting projects outside my initial remit and learn about different areas of the business.

happy people with jerseys taking control of your own career
Being open and honest with this great team gave me the confidence and contacts to make the most of my internship.

Calling All Creators isn’t just a slogan. adidas has instilled a company culture that celebrates new perspectives and fresh ideas. While other companies are respecting the hierarchy, adidas is using every asset it has to create. As an intern you have the ability to leave a mark on the company just as much as the CEO. If you’re brave and speak up, you can see your ideas implemented.

My internship provided me with that leap forward I wanted.

Always take the opportunities and challenges put in front of you, and you’ll learn more about your skillset than you ever knew before. My internship has opened paths I could have never imagined if I had stayed in my old job and I am now excited to see how my career progresses.


Find out what it takes to become an Intern at adidas



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by Bettina Hunold 02.02.2017
I love the openness, reflection and attitude. Wish you all the best for your future!
by Peter 13.02.2017
Inspiring read! Find myself at that fork and looking to combine my passion with my career. Would love to experience a similar opportunity to you
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Peter 14.02.2017
Hi Peter,
thanks for your comment. Exciting times for you at the moment, right? Enjoy it! I'm sure you'll kick off an awesome new career/life chapter. :)
I hope you can find inspiration on GamePlan A. Just browse around a little bit. This might be a good read for you as well:

Keep us posted!

I wish you the best of luck,