Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and self-proclaimed 50 Billion Dollar Man Dan Peña would say, “Absolutely not,” with probably a few curse words thrown in there. In fact, Peña argues that all the research you just did is the very reason why you’re not making progress.

“Who gives a [expletive] if you’ve learned a lot in the past year?  It doesn’t mean a […] thing. The question is have you done a lot, not learned a lot, okay?” said Peña in an interview on the London Real Podcast hosted by Brian Rose.

chocolate bar why research is holding you back from achieving your goals
Excited about our new goal, we take to the internet to research diet plans, workout routines and quick tips in hopes of finding the perfect program that will deliver remarkable results. But what about the realization of those plans? ©Giulia Nerbano/EyeEm

In Peña’s world, what gets measured gets accomplished. Everything else is just noise. If you don’t marry your knowledge with action, you’ve wasted your time. Peña has a strict no-hesitation policy and encourages his mentees and others to learn from experience rather than books.

“I don’t like the people that read all the books and write all the books… it’s procrastination.  It’s an excuse not to pull the trigger,” said Peña.

How many times have you set a goal, learned all about the topic, and never followed through?

Peña may have an abrasive way of spreading a message, but he does make a valid point.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s guilty of this. I see this all the time with fitness goals. We make it our mission to lose weight, get fit, eat healthier, etc.

man running under a bridge research holding you back from achieving goals
Walk the talk and don't let research keep you from achieving your goals.

We read testimonials of people who’ve changed their lives by the paleo diet, veganism, CrossFit, distance running, high intensity interval training, and the list goes on.  A few (or many) searches later and our brains suffer an overload. There’s too much information, too many schools of thought, all of which seem to contradict the others.

Why does every decision we make need to be so calculated?

Whether the goal is to get fit, save money, drink less or volunteer more, “googling” for hours won’t get you very far.

Create your own path and embrace all the speed bumps that come along with it. You may not know all the buzzwords, lingo, and science behind everything, but at the end of the day you can honestly say that you’ve taken a measurable step toward your goals.

So, in the eloquent words of Dan Peña, pull the [expletive] trigger, you [expletive] [expletive]!


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by Tayo Adaran 11.01.2017
Actions always speak louder than words. Great post!
by Sara Eckhardt Tayo Adaran 13.01.2017
Thanks, Tayo! I completely agree. Getting started is the hardest part, but you need to actually do something for progress to be made.

Thanks for reading! :)
by Simon Fearon 12.01.2017
I agree 100%, you just have to set the goal and the start. It only takes one step to get the ball rolling and you learn the leasons that you make the goal easyer in time.
by Sara Eckhardt Simon Fearon 13.01.2017
You're exactly right, Simon. We all want things to go perfectly the first time around, and that's almost never going to be the case. Progress is a long process and there really isn't a "hack" that can give us a shortcut.

Thanks for reading! :)
by Gemina Stroud 13.01.2017
Faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26), one of my favorite biblical passages. Reading, and painfully waiting, will not bring results. Great article!
by Sara Eckhardt Gemina Stroud 13.01.2017
Great point, Germina. A lot of the time it does seem like we just wait, expecting everything to fall into place for us. Progress takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication.

Thanks for reading! :)
by Ian Hales 13.01.2017
Just what I needed going into the weekend... and into 2017!
by Sara Eckhardt Ian Hales 13.01.2017
Thanks for the kind words, Ian! Good luck crushing your goals this year! :)

by Simon Vaughn 18.01.2018
It's the OODA Loop. Action beats Reaction.





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