Quintessentially cool and vibrant, New York City and its communities have always embraced a forward-thinking attitude to co-creating. Just think back when hip hop, breakdance, and graffiti forged a powerful movement that was about much more than the music and art.

Today, influential metropoles are shaping global trends more than ever before. These urban powerhouses send ripples way beyond their geographical borders thanks to the creative and collaborative power of the people.

Fully deserving of its ranking as the world’s cultural melting pot, NYC continues to attract a diverse crowd of confident individuals. Not short of nicknames, the Big Apple also has a reputation as the city of dreamers – and doers. It’s the go-to destination for anyone looking for a unique blend of sports, culture, and lifestyle.

GamePlan A went out to meet some of this creative force that bring their visions to life. NYC-based photographer Andi Elloway captured the creators through the lens of sportswear at the adidas Originals store on Spring Street. Hear how they approach their work and lifestyle.

woman sitting on stairs creators in NYC
“I live in the West Village and I kind of do a lot of different things. I paint, I write, and I work events all around the City.” —Angela
man laughing sitting on stairs creator minds in NYC
“I work at the SoHo Originals flagship. I don’t like it – I love it. It’s the environment, the vibe, the people here, the culture. Everything.” —Daryl
Woman with flower jacket creators in NYC
“I’m a student at Bristol University, and I came to New York to have a look at all the Christmas lights this time of year.” —Abbie
man showing his shoe creators in NYC
“I’m a sculptor. I make large scale fiberglass pieces at my studio in Bushwick. My roommate is an Emergency Medical Technician, so when I cut myself sculpting he does my stitches for me.” —Kyle
Woman sitting on stairs creators in NYC
“I’m a musician. Me and Kyle have a collective called Dusk & Haze. We throw underground techno parties and raves in Brooklyn warehouses.” —Sophia
man looking under his jacket creators in NYC
“I work in post-production as a colorist in training. I work closely with the senior guys to learn and hone the craft of color correction in film.” —Alex
man sitting on stairs creators in NYC
“I do video editing in Australia. I’m in New York for the first time around Thanksgiving getting the full American experience.” —Matthew
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man with cap and black jacket creators in NYC
“I’m a paramedic nurse living in Sweden. I came here for the holidays just to take a break for the weekend.” —Sebastian
woman looking over shoulder covered by jacket creators in NYC
“I’m a painter doing mostly mixed media figurative work. My favorite color is black – and that’s what I like to wear when I paint. When I’m painting I work with a lot of color so I don’t like to have any color on me. It helps separate me from my work.” —Christine
women sitting on stairs creators in NYC
“I like to make things with my hands. I paint, I draw, I alter clothing. I like to think I'm all around crafty.” —Cara
girl with leather jacket sitting on stairs creators in NYC
“I’m a publicist in New York. Every day’s challenge is different – I have to wear a lot of hats. But by night I play soccer for The Good Life FC, sponsored by adidas.” —Pristina
black jeans and black sneakers creators in NYC
“I’m a designer. I bike. I skate. I go to concerts. I listen to records. I do all of it in adidas.” —Isaac
Man sitting on glass stairs creators in NYC
“I live in Brooklyn and work as an architectural designer. The most exciting thing about working on new projects is trying to strike a balance between flexing my creativity and meeting the client’s demands. It’s problem solving, really.” —Jasper
man looking down sitting on stairs creators in NYC
“I’m a publicist in New York City. It’s real. I’m hustling constantly day to day. No sleep in this life.” —Deryck
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