It’s that time of the year again: The Holidays are just around the corner and with that the search for jaw-dropping, original and unique presents. As a former last-minute chocolates-and-perfume giver, I decided to take things more seriously this year and opt for fitness gadgets that support my beloved ones in their efforts to stay active at work despite a tough time schedule.

In case you are also lacking gift inspiration, I’ve compiled some of the best fitness tools that help to combine work with an actual workout. From affordable gadgets that won’t cost you an arm and a leg up to more expensive equipment – your family and friends better get ready to ‘deskercise’ in style.

Balance Cushions

balance cushions gifts for office athletes

When placed on a chair, a balance cushion destabilises the seat and helps to improve balance and posture. It keeps the back muscles working by simply sitting on it and can be used off-duty as well for some more core exercises by kneeling or standing on it.

Standing desks

It’s not a secret that sitting all day is a serious health risk – just think of the phrase ‘sitting is the new smoking’ – so why not use an adjustable standing desk instead? Splitting the time between standing and sitting throughout the work day helps to burn more calories and can even reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. For a more affordable version, opt for a standing workstation that can be attached on top of a current desk.

Hand Grip Strengtheners

hand grip strenghtener gifts for office athletes

Is your loved one climbing to new heights every weekend? Then get them a hand grip strengtheners to help improve their grip while sitting at their desk. This doesn’t just benefit outdoor enthusiasts, it’s also the ideal tool to relieve tension and prevent hands from weakening with age. There are various options to choose from like anti-stress balls or gripping devices.

Balance Boards

Designed for all standing desk users, balance boards bring more movement into the office routine by increasing the range of motion to something more akin to walking. As it forces the person standing on it to constantly move, their muscles are less susceptible to continuous tension. Also, balancing on the board can be super fun!

Ankle Weights

ankle weights boosts gifts for office athletes

Providing additional resistance to under-desk leg lifts by using ankle weights can go a long way when it comes to gaining more muscle strength – probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to squeeze in a mini-workout during work time.

Which gadgets are you using to stay active at work?


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by Carmen 08.12.2016
Hi Antje

I love your ideas very much! Actually I am looking for these fitness gadgets for myself. Where can I buy them?
by Antje Carmen 09.12.2016
Hi Carmen,

I’m glad to hear you liked the post! I bought the gadgets at a local retail store that sells all kind of fitness tools, but you can also find similar ones online, for example here:

Hand grip strengtheners:

Anti stress balls:

Balance Cushion:

Balance desk:

Ankle weights:

I hope this helps.
by Carmen Antje 09.12.2016
Oh, great! Let me go and find at local fitness shops! Thanks!