Are you physically and mentally strong enough to tackle the challenges you face? Are you ready to give up the GOOD in order to get to the GREAT? Are you prepared to withstand any temptation, rejection, injustice, resistance, jealousy? Have you learned to turn these adversaries into positive powerful fuel to reach your ultimate goal?

As an award-winning co-author of two bestselling books, Linda Evenhuis truly knows what it takes to reach your goals.

If your answers to these questions are a ‘YES’, then you are on the right path towards finding focus and becoming successful by leading a purpose-driven life.

I’ve just come back from an amazing journey to Hollywood where I received two awards for co-authoring two best-selling books and was named one of America’s Premier Experts. “How did you get there?”, you might ask. The answer is simple:

My dynamic interests and multilingual skills have helped me progress fast, but my commitment to my seven development rules has helped me to seriously sustain my success:

1. Find your life’s purpose and chase it passionately

People who are successful are laser-focused on their life’s purpose. They took their time to map out their life’s journey and have made it their mission to chase their dreams relentlessly. This step is crucial. Take your time and think about what your purpose in life should be.

I transformed my career by knowing that I wanted to become a trainer and I absolutely love what I do today. This is directly reflected in the results of my work and I light up every time I see other people prosper.

2. Mind your own business

Your personal development is blocked if you are only focused on other people. Don’t blame the lack of excellent results on others; instead, look for ways to improve yourself. I always remind myself to use my energy wisely and analyze what I need to change about myself in order to reach my goals. In short: Stop blaming and complaining and be open to receiving feedback in order to truly grow.

3. Get a coach

A coach empowers you to follow through and makes you reflect on your own thoughts and actions. My coach gives me space to fail, holds me accountable and makes sure that I stay on track with my goals. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my coach. If you haven’t already, find someone you trust and from whom you can learn.

5. Live in the stretch zone: Commit to sacrifice and create new habits

‘The GREAT’ can only be found in your ‘stretch zone’. You better get comfortable with being ‘uncomfortable’ because nothing comes easy; otherwise everybody would already have what they wanted. You will need to transform yourself to get to the next level. This transformation will happen when you create new positive habits, ones that empower you stay focused on your career. Take a minute to write down habits that keep you from reaching your goals and decide to do the opposite moving forward.

Physical fitness is an important factor when it comes to tackling arduous tasks at work successfully.

6. Unleash your inner athlete and tap into the power of visualization

Adopt an athlete’s mindset by seeing, feeling and believing that you can achieve yet another personal record. Do not focus on your sacrifices along the way, but on the finish line ahead. Envision the rush of happy hormones you will feel once you cross it. This will help you to keep going.

7. Be fit and build stamina, life is a marathon, not a sprint

Past experiences have already helped you to build up stamina for arduous tasks. Enhance it by making sure you are also physically fit. This is crucial to rise to the challenges in life and in your job. I learned the hard way how destructive it is to only focus on your career and not look after yourself. Eventually, I reinvented myself through the power of sports.

Staying committed to my seven development rules has allowed me to celebrate many successes, the biggest of which is leading a life that is enriched by the joy of sharing success with others and of making a positive difference in other people´s lives. It is a life full of happiness, fulfillment, pride, self-esteem and being physically and mentally fit.

This is my life. This is my journey. This is my destiny. What is yours?

Bonus tip: Learn to pay attention to detail again. We are living in a world of skimming and scanning, of sharing articles of which we have only seen headlines and pictures. They have more to offer than just fact snacks. Your understanding of the big picture will become a lot deeper once you learn to love the details. By the way, consider this my 4th rule of the list from above.


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by Kate Kraus 10.11.2016
Linda is so inspiring! I love that she is always trying to live in the stretch zone. What a role model!
by Nitesh 10.11.2016
Super cool. Congrats on your success and wishing much more for you and thanks so much for sharing such insights.
by Linda Evenhuis Nitesh 10.11.2016
Thanks Nitesh, what tip can you give for your success? All the best, Linda
by Nitesh Linda Evenhuis 14.11.2016
Thanks Linda for asking. For me it has been setting clear goals, visualizing the end and then follow through.
by Sharad 10.11.2016
I liked your article very much. Each line is very much true and I also experienced same. Just to mention- 4th advise is missing.
Thanks again for sharing it.
by Jens Sharad 11.11.2016
Hey Sharad,
I couldn't agree more. In fact, it is worth reading the post twice to really get the full message.
by Pierre Lazaro 14.11.2016
Good read! 4th rule is missing though..
by Luis Ferro Pierre Lazaro 14.11.2016
by deep diving into the article you´ll find the 4th one :-)
by Pierre Lazaro Luis Ferro 15.11.2016
This is brilliant! Well done, Linda! Truly inspiring.

By the way, thanks Luis!
by Luis Ferro 14.11.2016
Congratulations for the courage to walk the path you´ve walking! That gave you what you need to write such a nice article... Happy life!
by Linda Evenhuis Luis Ferro 18.11.2016
Thanks Luis! Anything worth achieving is right inside your stretch zone.. it comes with (tough) sacrifices, but in the end it is so worth it! Find out what you really would like to achieve and be willing to keep on going, not letting anything or anyone stopping! Keep on talking positive to yourself with positive affirmations.. Good luck!
by Gesa 18.11.2016
So true Linda. You name and live it! Step- by- step, it might be a life journey and it is totally worth it. Keep on inspiring us :).
by Shay 24.11.2016
Love how inspiring this is!!! Keep it up Linda!
by Andre Hasimoto 27.03.2018
Thanks for the article, I agree with it at all. I Keep focus on my life porpuse and this helps me with all the things that life can bring even in the adversity, because I keep my mind in the end line and not in the steps, as you said.
Thanks very much.
by ENA JOHNSON 27.08.2021
Great article



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