The life of an athlete commonly involves two hugely opposing lifestyles – our work life and our sporting life. As an employee, we generally have minimal control and indulgence when attempting to incorporate fitness in the workplace – especially if the specific job sector is far from sport-orientated. Managers, this one’s aimed at you – It’s time to mix it up.

The general attitude is that we go to work, to work. But a fitness-friendly company is hugely more beneficial than a completely dormant and lethargic deskbound workforce.

Do you have an athlete in mind for your next position? You'll find them in the gym.

Being able to boast an alternative health benefit to working for your company will draw in just the type of potential employees every business needs – athletes. It will attract competitive and driven personalities and there will be more common traits and similarities between colleagues – they’ll be on the same wavelength, with the same drive and same attitudes.

Cutting to the chase, here’s how your business can incorporate healthy lifestyles into the workplace, and the benefits of doing so.

Support your employees in their fitness ambitions and they'll lift the heavy weights for you.

Offer on-site gym facilities

Working out before, during or after a daily shift is the norm for athletes so being able to provide these facilities on site will make it a more attractive place to work. Similarly, it’s an opportunity for less active staff members to improve their health and fitness. We get it, not every office is going to be able to make room for a two-floor sports complex. If you can – great; if you can’t, offer local gym membership discounts.

Benefit: Having fit and healthy recruits means a room full of endorphins and energy levels will be on a constant high, equalling constant productivity.

Organise outside-of-work sports and exercise groups

Whether it’s a morning running club, a Thursday-night football team, or something more moderate like a gentle-exercise walking group, this is a completely adaptable way of getting everybody involved in sport regardless of their age or ability.

Benefit: Anything that will involve working as a team is going to bond your workforce. This method also has the added bonus of keeping everyone fit and healthy.

Fuel your employees with the right food for better concentration and energy levels.

A healthy food canteen

This is a concept that is growing more and more throughout larger businesses – providing staff with either a ‘grab and go’-style counter or a sit-down dining room serving amazing healthy foods. Regardless of their food preferences, it’s certain they will be fed an ideal portion of nutritious foods.

Benefit: Incorporating healthy food into the workplace will provide high-energy/non-sluggish behaviour post break time; it will again ensure energy levels are on a constant high, resulting in a continual flow of productive work.

Incorporating small changes into the workplace

Educating your workforce about posture at their desk is one of the small changes you can make to their health. By promoting regular breaks for them to get up and stretch or get some fresh air may seem irrelevant but it will not only benefit their posture, it will keep them vigilant. A unique idea that some business have integrated is replacing chairs with exercise balls – constantly working the person’s core and preventing a slouched posture.

Benefit: Little changes can make a big difference. Something as minor as ensuring correct posture can promote concentration.

Yes, the office and the gym may look like two completely different places, but they CAN have the same energetic atmosphere, drive and bustling productivity – but only if you let them.


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by Mark McDaid 17.11.2016
Brilliant article highlighting the positives of combining fitness & work. I always try to incorporate fitness into my day and invite my colleagues to join for a run or other activity. More employers need to embrace this healthy culture!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Mark McDaid 23.11.2016
Hi Mark,

thanks for your comment.
Besides employers who support their staff to stay fit, it needs motivated people like you who inspire their colleagues and foster a healthy and sporty culture at work. That's so cool!

Keep on rocking,
by Harry Fulgencio 20.11.2016
lol...I like doing fitness but most people don't... so don't complicate things for them! start with the basics,,, encourage healthy meal by serving free or subsidised healthy meals (not just some fresh salad - but cooked meal) in your Cafeteria, promote non-static work processes, and make sure that your managers that his team members get good rest and not just cracking the whip all the time! lol Athletes in the office? hmmm... again not everyone has an athletic lifestyle... how does cater to both parties "promoting health or healthy lifestyle" without alienating the others can bring more value to the company!
by Nathalie 01.01.2017
Great article.

Always try to take a walk outside to refresh my body and mind during work every 3 hours and CrossFit classes after work are a must, too! :)

It would be awesome if more companies would actually encourage their employees to be more active dueing work hours. Hopefully it will change soon! It is so important!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Nathalie 09.01.2017
Hi Nathalie,

thanks for sharing your experiences. Your attitude rocks!
Inspire your co-workers as well and start a movement. How about organizing a lunch time CrossFit class or change a regular team meeting in a workout session. Here's some inspiration:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

High five,

by Miles Rostami 06.07.2017
We've been using this company called LIFT session ( at work where the coach trains you like through a platform! It's been amazing so far. The coaches puts the team through a challenging workout 2-3 times a week and anyone at the office can join. Brilliant concept.