How? Here are my 5 tips for adding more movement and activity at work.

1. Park your car farther away

Recently, I watched a video about the habits of successful people. One thing quickly became clear to me: They get moving early. If you don’t feel like going for a walk or a run in the morning, then simply park a little farther away from the office. This is a habit I often incorporate into my daily routine. And, I simply love breathing in a little extra fresh air in the morning – it’s better than coffee.

Sport's more fun together - so why not incorporate more fitness into your office schedule and workout as a team?

2. We are #strongertogether

Everything is easier together. This is one of the mottos we live by here at Runtastic. Team spirit has top priority, as it does in sports. Running together on our lunch break, chanting “om” during our after-work yoga sessions or cranking out push-ups every hour on Tuesdays, there are no limits to the exercise options at work. Grab a couple of coworkers, lace up your running shoes, bust out some push-ups and use your time to get more active and healthier together. #strongertogether

3. “Walkie Talkie”

Have you ever counted the number of hours you spend in meetings per week? SITTING? Even if you don’t know the exact number (who’s counting?), one thing is certain: It’s definitely too many. That is why our Communications Team has started doing what we like to call a “walkie talkie.” This means that we hold some of our meetings while we walk together. It’s a great way to add some variety to the work day and, of course, get moving a bit more. So, what’s stopping you from introducing them in your workplace?

Create an active office environment. This self-made treadmill desk is a hit in our office.

4. Get up… not only in the morning 😉

Did you know that standing up regularly can help you lose weight? Studies have shown that employees who regularly stand while working can lose up to 8.8 lb (4 kg) in just six months. lt doesn’t matter if you are making a call or having a meeting, the key is to stand up. Or how about using a treadmill desk? Some creative Runtastics got together and built one of our own. Every week, I try to spend at least a half hour on it while I work on my laptop.

5. Take the stairs (yes, the stairs!)

Okay… I hate to admit it, but up until a few months ago, I also preferred taking the elevator up to the office. (In my defense, Runtastic headquarters is located on the 5th floor!)

But at some point, I managed to conquer my weaker self. #noexcuses

Since then, I have been climbing what feels like a million steps every morning. When I see my co-workers waiting in front of the elevator, I simply say, “I prefer to take the stairs.” As a result, some of them have developed a guilty conscience (or a newfound motivation) and now accompany me up the five flights of stairs. Mission accomplished!

Do you have other tricks to keep you active during your work day? I'd love to hear them!


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by jay 10.11.2016
Use cycle as transport from office to home... Anywhere around 15 to 20km one side is possible to travel in cycle ... It would consume maximum 1.5hrs... I am planning to do it.. Just waiting for my new cycle.. I will take some trials and start my travel to office in cycle... It actually saves our time to spend on gym.... 😊
Hi Jay,

this is a great idea. Let me know how your plan has worked out once you have your bike.:)
And if you need an additional boost of motivation, check out the story "What would a champion do" by our community member Marcus Leach.

Happy cycling,

by Lizie 20.11.2016
Thank you for your suggestions I particular like the walky tally idea,.
in our office they removed all waste bins from under our desk and instead introduced a recycling and waste area and I now found that I often have to get up and walk to throw a tissue or apple core away which add to more movement
by Isabelle Lizie 14.12.2016
Oh wow! Never thought about this one. It is very simple as idea and can make a huge difference. I will definitely suggest it in my workplace!

Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Isabelle 09.01.2017
Hi Isabelle,

I can only agree. Tina's tips are easy and smart.
Did your colleagues like the suggestions?! I cross my fingers that you can start your work year in a fresh and sporty manner.

High five,

by Elaine Schwind 22.11.2016
I want one of those invented laptop "desks" for the treadmill what a wonderful way to stay fit at home and at work! Thank you for these great tips!
by Alice Heiman 11.12.2016
Get up and move. Take a walk, dance, walk up and down the stairs a few times. Get a standup/sitdown desk. I use an app call MotivAider to remind me to move!