Growing up as a competitive tap dancer, I understand what it is like to invest significant amounts of time into achieving my goals. I dedicated much of my time as a high school student to perfecting my routine at the studio, practicing at home in my garage, and watching YouTube tutorials to learn new moves. I used every resource accessible to teach myself new and exciting things about dance.

During my four years at CCM Hockey, I have been privileged enough to witness the commitment that athletes have first-hand. From early morning practices to late nights at the arena, hockey players will do anything they can to take their technique to the next level. However, improvement can be both time consuming and expensive.

Our team wondered how we could provide young players with a hockey training curriculum that is both accessible and flexible. That’s why we created the CCM Skills App; an e-learning mobile application that allows users to have a professional hockey coach in their pockets. The free app gives players the opportunity to learn a professional training curriculum taught by former NHL player and stickhandling and shooting specialist, Lance Pitlick.

As learning can be 24/7, personal learning tools should work anywhere and anytime.

If you’re not a hockey player yourself, e-learning tools can be a valuable addition to your daily routine. Learning a new language, receiving tutoring lessons and completing a college degree are all within the realm of possibility.

Here are four ways you can use e-learning platforms to make the most of your free time:

1. Listen to Podcasts during your Commute

Instead of blasting Top 40 radio on your way to work, swap out the tunes for stimulating Podcasts. No matter your interests, there are likely Podcasts that cover them. From business news to fitness to comedy, Podcasts are a great way to give your commute some extra “oomph.” Need some inspiration? Here’s a list of the top 100 Podcasts.

2. Apply Yourself

Just like CCM Skills App, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you learn and achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for an app to help you improve your fitness or trying to pick up a second language, there’s an app out there to suit your needs.

Whether it is the fitness coach in your pocket or a language learning application, don't be lazy and try them out. They could help you to improve your performance.

3. Take a Free Course

Education isn’t cheap these days, but with the help of the internet, colleges are making learning more and more accessible. There are plenty of schools that offer free online courses in various subjects, including the world of e-learning. To get you started, here’s a list of the top 10 most popular online courses.

4. Read on the Run

Going for an evening jog or a leisurely walk? Why not read a book –hands free- while you’re at it? Audiobook services are a great way to squeeze some extra brain power into your daily routine. These services offer hundreds of thousands of books that can be played instantly on your smart phone. The only problem? You won’t be able to say you don’t have time to read anymore!

How do you maximize your free time? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Keep Learning When Your Day Is Packed

Here are a few websites, apps, tricks and behaviours that can help.

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by Hannah 31.08.2016
I'm not sure that the link in point 3 is advertised correctly, this is the top e-learning courses for e-learning professionals, not the top 10 most popular online courses. Agree with the podcast recommendation for Things you should know, very informative. Sickbay by Sickboy Media is also a great podcast about living with disease/ illness and deals with difficult questions about what are commonly seen as socially taboo subjects.
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Hannah 05.09.2016
Hi Hannah,

thanks for your comment. You're right, the hyperlinked sentence was a little bit misleading. We've corrected it.

by Hemant Kumar 03.09.2016
Superb Information, really these Tips are very helpful and most beneficial for me. Basically, I visit on this blog daily basis and I have got more ideas. Today I learned new after reading this article. Thanks, A Lot for shared.
Regards ~ LetsTrick
by essay writers 17.08.2018
Online training gives a lot of advantages to each person. If just 10 years ago it was hard to find any information but today it is not difficult considering that there are many free courses and useful tools... Even traditional training can be questioned... Since today all you can learn sitting at home... I would advise everyone to take a few free courses from the list in the article as they will really help you find something new for yourself. I wish everyone to keep yourself stronger every day.
by Nice 17.08.2018
Great article