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The path to doing something extraordinary – and pursuing your passion – isn’t always direct, but it’s always worth it.
Steve Clarkson was an outstanding football player in high school all the way through his professional career, but it wasn’t until he began coaching that he realized the true impact he could have on the sport. Today, he’s the country’s most sought-after quarterback coach and is changing the game in a way he couldn’t do as a player.

“For the most part, the kids that I work with are the kids that I think have a unique ability to transcend their sport … The kids have to have a certain amount of sizzle. It’s not just about if a kid can throw a football really well. It’s how he relates to other kids. What kind of intangibles does he have that make him unique to playing the position? Because there are a lot of kids out there that have the initial talent where they can pick up the ball and throw it. But very few have that unique ability to actually lead a team and – down the road – lead a future franchise.”

Steve wanted to transform how quarterbacks were perceived. His coaching mentality is one that everyone can learn from, whether you’re on the field or in the office. Instead of trying to improve every weakness, start by perfecting what you already do well.

The tools Steve gives his young athletes extend far beyond any one game or season, and 30 years of coaching later, he continues to develop much more than just an athlete’s raw talent.

“Sports are a great vehicle for all types of success. It may not be what you end up doing, but it certainly is the starter for other things that you can develop into [to be] successful … that team dynamic, that ability to really exert yourself or mold yourself into something and be the best you can possibly be. There’s life lessons involved and you can get something out of it … There are so many other benefits that can happen just from the journey and the process of going for what you’re passionate about that will parlay into something else.”

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