Last year, real-world sneakerheads decided to uncage the UltraBOOST running shoe and customize it to fit their own tastes and styles. These unique takes were wildly popular, but lacked the performance integrity of what the original UltraBOOST represents – the greatest running shoe ever.

It became clear: We needed to uncage the UltraBOOST without sacrificing performance. Inspired by this bold approach, we were energized to find a solution.

UltraBOOST Uncaged combines the performance and innovation of the original UltraBOOST with the unique flair of our passionately creative fan base. This effort is another prime example of our pledge and dedication to work together with athletes and fans to shape the future of sport.

The greatest running shoe ever as we know it. UltraBOOST has seen unprecedented success since its launch in 2015.
Creators were excited to customize their version of UltraBOOST by first removing the cage.
Inspired by consumers who don’t want to be restricted by boundaries, the design was drilled down to the absolute necessities you would need in a running shoe.
The commitment to making athletes better through innovation led to a product combining trendsetting design and highly technical new features.
Showcasing the consumer’s rebellious side, personality plays a big part of UltraBOOST Uncaged.
The love for sneakers, creativity, and sport came together in an open-source effort. The story of the greatest running shoe ever continues.
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Obsessed with silhouettes and sketches?

Ben Herath on what it takes to be a great designer.

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by Imane Benhima 22.06.2016
Please correct the link typo in in alive. It leads to the following address at the moment: ("http" is there twice)
http://http//, http://
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Imane Benhima 22.06.2016
Hi Imane,
thanks for your heads up. The typo has been corrected immediately.
I hope you enjoyed reading Ben's story?!

by Anthony Nina Weihrauch 02.07.2016
What story? These are 3 paragraphs full of pompus words put together in a meanigless way. Reads more like a North Korean press release, put together by a Marketing comittee of 15. Fire your copy writers and dial it down a notch, seriously.
by Dave Anthony 03.07.2016
I thought that, a load of meaningless phrases in 'company mission drivel speak'.
Some pictures of the new creations would have been useful.