Below the surface of unearthed ground, embedded in the iron jungle, seeds branded with 3-Stripes have been sown. They’ve long been planted, watered, nurtured. With fervent precision, the rooted beginnings are boldly breaking through the surface, echoing in and around 5th Avenue – the beating heart of New York City.

Our apparel, shoes, and sportswear will be on our playing field. Our product has also come to realize they’ll be shopped by a worldwide customer base, just in time for holiday 2016.

A new consumer experience is growing in the heart of the Big Apple.


An open invitation to fans worldwide will tease their eyes as this coveted location will have something for everyone holding a torch for the 3-Stripes. Fans will have bleacher access when they take a rest from the playing field and need a time-out.

Our team will be one of grand proportion as we set out to “create the new” for careers without borders and for opportunity with this new approach to drafting the best players.

Join this creative huddle to inspire our fans.
Talent scout at heart
Tobias Slater is looking for the best talent out there.
01 of

Breaking tradition and having a creative edge is part of our culture at adidas Group. In Talent Acquisition, we continue seeking talent, new talent, and creative new talent for our Stadium. Creativity is key and an integral part of our future!

Our team line-up is led by veteran Talent Acquisition scout Tobias Slater. He’s been on the ground and assessing talent for months, combing the market, nation, and world, in his search for the best talent to lead the world’s largest adidas retail arena!


This sprawling, stadium-inspired New York flagship store is more than just a big store. Its adidas’ new face to the world, a tangible experience of who we are within 4 walls and 4,235m², designed to connect and engage with New York’s creators.



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by Trevor Wintersgill 08.06.2016
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