The first pairs of the adidas x Parley performance footwear will be on the feet of ocean lovers around the world this summer thanks to the Group’s commitment to an open-source approach to Creating the New.

My role in this approach in terms of product development, in the context of sport, is like a specialized sports coach who is brought in to add some technical consideration to the equipment available to a team. Whilst it is normal for these specialists to look to improve weight training and recovery exercises or bring diet to the spotlight, I have my industrial design hat on at adidas and am seeing how advances in manufacturing and technology can produce added performance through footwear designs, tailored to the individual needs of any athlete.

Browse this gallery to understand more about what this means and how it creates opportunities for the use of new fibres, such as those from ocean plastic, as well as the athlete specifications it can address.

Tailored Fibre Placement is a technology which is more commonly associated with the automotive and aerospace industries.
It is a technology with great flexibility in terms of building up textile component parts and using a different pallet of materials than those usually associated with textile products. In this case we used the technology with fibres derived from ocean plastic and gillnets.
Thanks to this machine, the material can be engineered for purpose and laid down in relation to specific biomechanics data from the foot, providing flexibility, structure and support in critical areas of the shoe.
Using Tailored Fibre Placement technology with nylon gillnets and ocean plastic was only possible through open source and working with a big network of experts.
The materials used for this shoe are so different to those we are used to working with, as is the technology. So it has been a huge challenge, but is now becoming real.
This way of production is highly efficient, with practically zero waste. You only need to use and lay down the amount of material required. This is the nature of the technology and the ‘tailored’ aspect of only using material where absolutely necessary.
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by francois leblanc 08.06.2016
congratulations! love them!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor francois leblanc 17.06.2016
Hi Francois,

love them as well. :)
Interested in earning your pair? Check out the brand adidas Instagram (of one of the following countries China France; Russia; Germany; Australia; Indonesia; Philippines; UK; US and Spain) to learn more.

Good luck and best,