A good coach is more than a game strategist. In each phase of an athlete’s career, a coach gives valuable guidance and support that extends way beyond sport. The right coach shapes an athlete – and the entire team. As your mentor, a coach supports you through your toughest training sessions, lifts you up after setbacks and celebrates your victories. Always waiting at the finish line, a coach is ready to prepare you for your next goal.

We asked on social media: What learnings from your coach do you use at work? Take a look at the replies below to see how you inspired your fellow athletes.   Check back for another round of your tweets and posts next week. Until then: keep on inspiring!

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John DeMarco: My coaches taught me discipline, value of competition, and how to overcome challenges. “Tough times do not last, tough people do.”

Kate Snack: I’ve had some incredible skating coaches over the years and each of them has taught me valuable lessons I apply in business on a day-to-day basis. Teamwork being an especially important mind frame to gain the results we hope to achieve.

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Robert Vinke: Coach Eddie Mckenna has always told me to give it my all, to not leave any opportunity wasted, that it requires hard work and have fun while doing it! This and many other lessons I take with me every day, in my academic, personal and sport life. Of which I am very grateful to him!

Arif Khan: My Coach taught me ‘never give up’ and ‘believe in yourself’ and till date these advices have helped me immensely.

Broc Montgomery: My running back coach, Mike Garrison, at EIU taught me “modify and adjust”. During the game rarely will things happen as drawn up or planned, so be ready to modify and adjust quickly to have positive gains. Holds true for real life situations as well.

Laura McLaughlin: Listen more, offer what you know and seek others to learn more.

Sharol Moore: Having been married to a football coach who influenced many of the lives he touched I definitely witnessed first hand how important they are. Even 9 years after his death some still stay in touch with me. What I noticed is that many of the young men he coached had no male influence and he made sure they knew someone cared no matter how hard he was on them.

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Jin, Jack: “Work will win, when wishing won’t.”

Simon, Anika: “The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting” #makeadifference

Bliss, Dan: Don’t let someone else’s decisions or opinions change your passion; own your passion! (I used this one as a coach)

Fischer, Jennifer: Try and fail. But don’t fail to try. (thanks to my cheerleading coach)

Ly, Hoa: “The sum of the individual parts are larger than the parts itself.” Give it all in for your winning team.


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by Diego J Ramirez C 17.05.2016
My crossfit coach teached me that every rep counts. Doesn't matter there's one second left. That rep might be the one of the victory. My football coach teached me that when someone passed me on the field, he had to do it 5 or 6 times, so in his mind there will be 5 me on the game. Both of them teached me that when you push hard you can push harder and if you work well, counting well and running over every corner, results will come.
by Chris Marriott 19.05.2016
Success isn't final, and failure not fatal. Treat them both the same, as opportunities to learn.