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Extraordinary Happens Podcast

Over my career, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that people – not brands or products – are the drivers of making extraordinary happen. People who have a dream and then work hard, make sacrifices and challenge convention are the ones who will break through to reach greatness.

In my job, I’m inspired every day by the meaningful conversations I have with some of the greatest minds in sports and business.

I’ve invited athletes, coaches, sportscasters and other interesting personalities to join me on my podcast series Extraordinary Happens so I can dig deeper into what makes these people leading change in the industry really tick.

So many themes and parallels have emerged from my conversations. These are seemingly ordinary people, but by doing things differently and writing their own rules, they’re making extraordinary happen.

Take Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa who made sacrifices and put in the hard work to achieve their dreams.

No matter how much personal success you strive for, the value of teamwork is tremendous. Snoop Dogg and UCLA Head Football Coach Jim Mora know how the important lessons you learn on a sports team translate in life success.

Big aspirations always start with a passion. Broncos Linebacker Von Miller drove this message home for me: find your passion and love what you do if you want to reach the top.

To make extraordinary happen, comfort zones need to disappear. Being disruptive may feel uncomfortable, but the greatest accomplishments come after you break free from your personal barriers of comfort. Kansas Basketball Head Coach Bill Self said it best.

We all have the ability to do extraordinary things if we start to think differently, put in the hard work and break down barriers to make them happen. I’m looking forward to sharing more incredible stories with you. Stay tuned to GamePlan A, where I’ll post new episodes of my podcast and continue to highlight the extraordinary people reshaping sports and business today.


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by Charlie 10.05.2016
Love the podcasts, Mark! As a Packers fan it was so interesting to hear from Aaron Rodgers and some of the powerful moments he recalled in his career that helped build his self-confidence and sense of potential for greatness.
by Aaron Robinson 17.07.2016
Hey Mr. King,
Just wanted to say that I appreciate the the strategic planning and execution behind Gameplan-A. You and your team have created a platform where athletes and creatives intersect and have the conversations necessary for innovation. The insights that go into the Adidas products have a holistic and collaborative spirit, and that is something that I feel apart of ...even as I write this comment. Gameplan A provides a valuable resource to the 3 stripes community. Thank you!
Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas | Editor Aaron Robinson 18.07.2016
Hey Aaron, thank you for your kind words. We'll do our very best to continue to be of value for you! Keep on sharing your thoughts! Cheers,