Between my unpredictable sleep schedule and the desire to just stare at her all day, I wondered whether it was even a good idea for fitness to be a top priority in my life at that time. As a former college athlete, being active has always been part of my routine. I stayed active and lifted weights for the duration of my pregnancy, but when McKayla got here, the sheer state of exhaustion was almost enough for me to break the habit.

McKayla is my constant motivator, cheerleader, thrill-seeker and coach.

Many could look at my dedication to a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym as vain attempts to look good in the mirror. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m thinking about 20 and 30 years down the road. I plan to keep up with my kids’ active lifestyles, and with my grandkids’ active lifestyles when that time comes.

The giggles I get from McKayla when chasing her around the house or racing her on the track are all the motivation I need.

I also think it’s important to model healthy behavior. It’s easier to get kids to eat vegetables when they see you eating vegetables. It’s easier to get kids to be active when they see you being active. Parents are a child’s biggest influences in early life, and setting a positive example early on can help build a good foundation for a healthy future.

Most importantly, staying fit and active is a fun way for me to spend quality time with my family — It doesn’t always have to mean spending hours isolated in a traditional gym. We take family outings to the park to play tag, or to the track to have races. Climbing trees, running bases and riding bikes are all awesome activities that ramp up your heart rate and turn up the fun on family time.

It’s true: my life isn’t the same as it once was before I had kids. Now I have a reason beyond myself to stay fit and stay active.


“GamePlan A” aims to make work life better through the power of sport.



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by Thomas Coe 06.06.2016
I think you're AWESOME!!!!!
Thanks for the great article!!!
by Zakir Hosen 03.07.2016
This is good idea and beleive mom can help kids better and in this case they can take kids to the park or playground to get some fresh air and some time to palay randomly. Not only mom father also can do the same :)
by Arek 24.07.2016
You are such an idol for me .Great thing
by Debadeep Biswas 11.07.2017
I will always encourage every mum out there to participate in Sports. You all deserve everything in life, isn't it? And yes, you are truly an inspiration for all of us.
by Shyami goyal 22.07.2017
Hehe nice post
It's good one best way to get fit
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Thanks for sharing
by Eve Shyami goyal 01.02.2018
Great article, I really enjoyed reading. There is only one thing I am missing: what about you as an individual? After two kids and a couple of years back in the job, I have learned that with all of the expectations and workload, it is equally important that you also plan for personal time for yourself. And – important to mention – time with your partner. Being a parent and a businesswoman/man sometimes lets you forget that there are things in life that give you the energy to scope with the daily madness. It is important that you fill your batteries every once in a while. And it is ok to take this time because no kid nor employer wants frustrated or even burned out parents/employees.

Looking forward to read more comments. Best, Eve
by rosy 19.03.2018
Great and very motivational post, and this line
“Kids don’t just need parents around — they need healthy parents around. ” is really awesome
by Mavic 17.05.2018
This was fun to read. I look forward to a dad writing on a similar subject. It'd be also nice to read from a male's perspective.
by Johnceni 15.08.2018
Thanks, for sharing your knowledge with us. Keep going.
by davidjeams 25.12.2018
You are awesome! Thanks for sharing this words..