Every sports fan is familiar with the build-up leading up to a big sports event. The excitement of anticipation runs high as you get ready to witness greatness, on or off the screen. You live vicariously through your favorite athletes, but secretly hope for some drama – and plenty of entertainment.

You probably have an idea. No one is a stranger to deadlines. When one is over, another one is looming on the horizon. And this time, the stakes might be higher.

Even in top shape, athletes run the risk of getting injured, and let’s face it: the same applies for work, too. You’ve laid out the groundwork in the preparation phase, but when you’re pushing hard – even too hard during peak times and seasons – you might burn yourself out if you don’t listen to your body and take time to recover.
As you’re working on closing a major project, the ride might get wild. Other times, however, you just need to get sh** done without a lofty goal.
So how do you boost your performance when a deadline is approaching?

Your comments on social media reveal that an athlete’s mindset gets you through the tougher periods at work, allowing you then to recover and recharge for the next round. Thank you for contributing!

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@ThatGuy_AD: Always remember the goal 👏

@Runtastic: Take a breath and take it all one step at a time!

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Amal Parvez: At such times the adrenaline kicks in and the mind takes the body into another gear!The Invisible Gear! That’s when I push myself beyond my (known) limits and reach the Red Ribbon.

Cesar Fernández O.: Focus on the objective of victory.

Nikhil Samson Samuel: Shut your peripheral vision, focus, and keep your eye on the target.

Paul Kuthe: Create a framework, a goal, and decide what needs to be reduced, increased, eliminated, and created from the situation to accomplish the goal. Also, don’t forget to ask for help and utilize team members and resources!

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Ankit Kaushik: Think of the reason why you started.

Soňa Zvelebilova: My method is music. Listening to the great motivational music makes my muscles move themselves.

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Courtney Riggs: I make a list and prioritize. Crank up the tunes and get focused!

Irene Sarpato: I like to work under pressure and deal with different activities. To me it’s more difficult to manage the pressure coming from within myself, from my own thoughts. My remedy is mindfulness, the ability of being aware and awake to the present moment.*

Bart Nijenhuis: Do not prioritize what’s on your schedule – schedule your priorities. Don’t let email run your day. It’s your to-do list that somebody else decides.*

Barbara Pinos: If you ever have the feeling your head is about to explode, ASK for help. You might be surprised what comes along!*


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by Gemina Stroud 31.05.2016
Before big games, most athletes listen to their favorite songs to get in the zone. When I have important deadlines, I listen to "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor and take care of tasks that are deemed "urgent and important" first, helping to eliminate stress.
by Margaret Raabe 31.05.2016
All of these are so true -- I identify with so many of them! When a big project or challenge comes up at work I treat it almost like a game/competition. Assess the problem, strategize, prioritize, stay calm and collected, and work with others to achieve your goal!
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Margaret Raabe 01.06.2016
Hi Margaret,
thanks for sharing your experience! The way how you approach a new challenge is fantastic, respect! How do you deal with difficult situations or when you get stuck? That can happen to the most creative and experienced people from time to time. Would be highly interesting to learn about your problem solving strategy.

Looking forward to hearing from you.