For all intents and purposes, skateboarding is very much a solitary act. You don’t need a gym to excel, trainers are uncommon, and anything beyond a slab of concrete or expanse of asphalt is a bonus. It’s not about waiting for the perfect set-up, but rather finding a new spot that inspires you and your crew.

From my early days of butt boarding down the driveway to the mid-summer skate tours as a professional skateboarder, I’ve always had a great sense of connection with my fellow skaters beyond my immediate surroundings.

The environment's your playground, your training center, your source of creativity.

The connection between skaters is unlike any other in other sports. Usually you have a team, a partner or a coach you feel connected with. But for skateboarders the connection goes far beyond. You have this mutual deep understanding and know what it feels like to do a trick for the first time, but also what failing feels like. Whether you’re trying a new stunt or an old one done on a new obstacle, you’re in the same boat as the next skater.

Yes, we skate on our own but that’s not to say we don’t have team spirit. Being good on your board also means giving pep talks and exchanging tips. Sharing the same desire of performing the best trick and craving for the hippest moves draws skaters together. And all the time knowing that people support you and understand you gives you the courage to finally step outside your comfort zone. The team spirit enables you to challenge yourself and you push each other to new levels.

With your crew you drive your development. It makes you feel confident by pushing harder and harder.
The crew creates the huddle that boosts your performance.
Your crew is your comfort zone and your biggest challenger at the same time.
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Without such a connection and the strong support of everyone we wouldn’t have been able to travel the world to find the best skateable spots for Away Days. As a global community, skateboarders have supported us and all the skaters by allowing us to partake in the local scenes thriving in each city.

At the end of the day, it only takes one skater to land a trick, but it takes an entire community to keep the wheels turning.

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