Fierce and feminine? A risk taker? A Supermom? A yoga rebel? A role model?

This International Women’s Day we’ve got lots of inspiring stories from women all over the world who are working in the business of sport and using their athlete’s mindset to be their very best.

Olivia Rotenberg talks about how women are celebrating what their bodies can do, rather than what they look like her post ‘Burpees and blush – it’s okay to be fierce & feminine’.

“A revolution is bubbling under the veneer of traditional female beauty. Women are celebrating what their bodies can DO, rather than what they look like.”

The road to Rio is in Jasmine Zamora’s sights.  Read how she is risking everything and regretting nothing!

“During the day I’m a materials developer at the adidas Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Away from the desk, I put on my superhero costume, aka cycling kit, and pursue my Olympic dreams.”

Anika Simon learns about calling on your feminine strengths to be a role model from Claire Midwood.

Great leaders never play a role or, even worse, play games with others – this will never lead to more authority.”

Can you reinvent yourself through the power of sports?  Linda Evenhuis did and shares her ‘creating her new’ journey.

“It is easy to complain and blame, it is uncomfortable to get in your stretch zone and achieve the things you want in life.”

Kirsten Keck explains why having expectations of being a supermom just isn’t living in the real world!

“I thought that all I had to do was work hard enough and everything would continue as it was, just with a baby in addition. All of you who have kids know that this must have been the pregnancy hormones speaking. Truth is, things change.”

While “Yoga Rebel” Tara Stiles has three easy tips for boosting your productivity.

“We’re taught our whole lives to work hard and push through the pain to get anywhere good – be it the next career level or a stronger body. It’s easy to end up in a cycle of stress and exhaustion. A shift in activities and priorities will get you on track.”

So who has inspired you on this International Women’s Day?

We’d love to hear who you take your inspiration from to be your very best?


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by Tina Nicolai 08.03.2016
Enjoyed your article, Linda! When I'm not recruiting for adidas, retail NAM, I enjoy pushing my boundaries through sport.

I discovered my passion for Sprint Triathlons only 2 years ago. Today, I help other women see their potential by continuing to swim/bike/run! I may not be the fastest, but I rank high in "passion."
by Luisa 18.03.2016
I just stopped doing sports. I'm going on a walk at the weekend or after work. It's great to relax the body by mind not by sports.