Trends…love them or loathe them, they are an ongoing factor in business culture. For individuals seeking employment opportunities, paying close attention to social media trends and putting them into action can accelerate increased interviews, which will ultimately land a new position. They are here to stay and increasingly helping recruiters and candidates find one another!

Whether you are a professional sports talent scout or a retail recruiter, we share a common bond: we are all scouting players using online technology to determine our next best candidate!

“We are looking for a digital footprint of future talent and their success stories.”

Candidates who show up online with the following three attractors will increase their opportunities of being seen, scouted, and contacted:

1) Personal branding presence

Candidates with a strong personal branding presence understand that what they say through their profiles is more important than what they don’t say. There’s a phrase that I love, “when you show up – you go up!” This phrase holds true on social media. When I see a professional who has information in his/her summary that is engaging, inviting, and talking about his/her achievements, I can start to learn about the candidate’s strengths, values and qualities for the job.

2) Authenticity

Candidates who show up in the social space with authenticity are much more marketable than those who are following a cookie cutter profile.

Being authentic allows your personality to shine through. All too often, candidates become fearful about saying the wrong thing, fearful it may not get them an interview. They hold their cards so tightly to their chest their knuckles turn white.

It also allows recruiters to look into your background with a comprehensive lens to see your best attributes. Share one or two characteristics on your profile that reflect what others say about you. For example: “I’m known as the ___” – fill in the blank. Are you good at getting things done under pressure? Perhaps you are an exceptional team player because you are able to make time for a colleague when you only have a nanosecond. Are you a great listener and an even better problem solver?

3) Imagery is key!

Choose a photo and banner that is an extension of your personality and your brand. If you are interested in sports and wanting to work in the sports industry, reflect this in your profile. As retailers, we have a bit more flexibility in this area because our day-to-day workplace is image-driven. The products that we sell have personality and we market them as such. Doesn’t it make sense to give our own personal brand the same attention as the products we sell? Marketing our own personal brand is paramount in “showing up with a solid online presence”.

Say cheese! Don't be afraid of letting your personality shine through.

Say cheese! Don’t be afraid of letting your personality shine through.

My two top picks for scouting talent: 

Both are free and offer easy-to-use platforms for building a credible online footprint!

How important has your online footprint and personal brand been in your career development?


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by Stefan 15.03.2016
Good article. Do you also look on
by Brad 16.03.2016
Excellent article! So many people show us as just another profile. Harkens back to the days of file cabinets filled with applications. I want to see who you really are. Show me what makes you different.
by Tina NIcolai Brad 14.09.2016
So glad you enjoyed the article, Brad! Our stories do shine through our profiles when we take the time to tell them.
by Marcia Gray 18.03.2016
I will definitely follow those steps, for now I am working online but want to gain more. Until now I am not sure how to start selling online, maybe this article will help me. My cousin recommend this mobile app asian directory to show my services or my store maybe.
by Adam Williams 31.03.2016
I strongly agree with everything you wrote. I've been looking for a job recently and in many cases my profile on LinkedIn was the object of the first verification by the employer. Fortunately I was prepared for this and my profile was elaborated in every possible way. But the truth is you also need to think carefully about what you post in your more "private" social media - it still can be seen by your potential employer and sometimes posting something funny or in a worse scenario - stupid - may not be the best idea.
by Tina Nicolai Adam Williams 14.09.2016
You are spot on Adam! It's a balance of appropriate vs. posting stupid comments. Hope you found your new position!
by gourab 14.09.2016
Very informative post. All three are valuable and valid points. This era of social media hiring and jobs postings have become very common in the hiring vertical. This post would greatly help candidates to be prepared with the social profiles. Thanks for sharing.
by Tina Nicolai gourab 14.09.2016
So glad you found the article valuable, Gourab! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor gourab 20.09.2016
Hi gourab,

thanks for your comment. Feel free to share the post with your co-workers and spread the word.
Do you have an additional tip for our community?

by Kayla N McMillan 18.10.2016
Great Article! sometimes we can underestimate the influence our image on social media have on our first impression to potential employers.
by Tina Nicolai Kayla N McMillan 24.10.2016
We appreciate you taking the time to read the article and comment. What information was most helpful to you Kayla?
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Kayla N McMillan 28.10.2016
Hi Kayla,

thanks for your comment and I can only agree.
In my job as social media and community manager I often see great examples on how to build your own personal brand on social, especially on LinkedIn. Sharing content that fits to your personality and following the right people adds value to your profile. In addition to that, social media channels give us the chance to learn and improve 24/7, no matter where you are.

What do you think?