Retail, one of the oldest professions in history, is also one of the most exciting places to be in 2016! This fast-paced working environment with daily changes needs retail professionals that are ready to face those challenges and direct their own future on the shop floor. That’s why investing in yourself with a personal coaching plan can help you meet the tests that come your way and enable you to reach new heights.

  Here are five simple steps that I share with new hires I recruit for the adidas Group in North America to help them deliver on their passion for the game of ‘retail sport’:

1. Stay focused

Keeping your eye on the prize, medal, or end-of-the-game score requires laser focus and determination. Write your goals on several sheets of paper and place them in your environment, at home, on your locker, in your car, or any other place that you frequently see. I know of one mom who pinned a post-it note to her baby while he slept so that in the morning she was reminded that her baby and her career goals were the two most important focuses in her life; innovative…yes!

Make your goals visible.


Exercise your strengths in your retail position on a daily basis. If you’re an exceptional people engager, practice engaging with everyone you see and come in contact with, on your way to and from work. Say hello, smile, and make your impression last.


Olympian Gabby Douglas was raised by a vision board and a family motto that her mom created, “Make today better than yesterday!” Gabby’s determination to attain the highest level of Olympic status was a result of determination, drive, discipline, natural talent and, moreover, her family motto to do better.

“When we create mottos and/or personal mission statements, we turn our goals into realities. The secret is to believe in your motto and believe in yourself.”


With great pleasure, I’ve had the opportunity to become energized by motivational speaker Willie Jolley on more than several occasions. His greatest message that resonated with me was, “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback!” Let’s face it, we’ve all had setbacks and we will continue to have them.

“When setbacks happen, call upon resiliency and tenacity and get moving. Talking yourself into “I can” and “I will” puts you into action!

Keep an athlete’s mindset on the shop floor.


Sharing your successes with others, including strangers, has a way of deepening our belief in all that we are capable of doing. If you are a social media buff, shout out your successes. For those of you doing this, you already understand the power of social media and how quickly you will begin to attract other like-minded contacts who welcome a positive story.

“Have fun with your successes and use them to inspire others to achieve their goals. The more we give, the more we get.”

Sharing what makes you happy will be reciprocated by other success stories. Momentum builds and before long, your circle of influence will be celebrating regularly, you’ll be having fun, and you will likely attain your goals!

Do you have experience of how investing in you has paid off?


This sprawling, stadium-inspired New York flagship storeis more than just a big store. It’s adidas’ new face to the world, a tangible experience of who we are within 4 walls and 4,235m², designed to connect and engage with New York’s creators.

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by Nadine 17.02.2016
Those are some inspiring thoughts to live by and remind yourself of every single day! Especially the phrase “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback!” really speaks to me. It can be used to turn a disappointment into preparation for success :)
by tina nicolai 18.02.2016
So glad you found a "golden nugget" in this blog Nadine! Looking forward to sharing more inspiration in the future! :)
by indgurujobs2016 20.02.2016
An awesome post & must read it..
by Jobs Telangana 24.03.2016
excellent article everyone must be read valuable post.
by XXX 01.04.2016
Thanks for the lovely blog and post, this blog is inspirational.
by Larry Fellows III 08.08.2016
Insightful and inspirational, especially seeking employment.
by Tina Nicolai Larry Fellows III 08.08.2016
So glad you found inspiration in the blog!! Appreciate your comment and encourage you to stay the course.