Harnessing the power of sport at work will make it a better, more inspiring and fun place. We see this every day at adidas because we’re lucky sport is naturally ingrained in our company culture and facilities. It can be harder for other companies but let’s get creative about finding solutions.

1. Chin up!

Chin up

Pull-ups and chin-ups are a great way to let off some steam and train your upper body in-between tasks. To support you and your biceps-maximizing goals, you can buy a pull-up bar for your doorway. Just take care you don’t need screws to install it, so you don’t damage the doors. You could also just look for a bar that is stable enough and close to your office. Another great thing about pull-ups:

“You can always challenge a co-worker to beat you. Competition always keeps your game strong!”

2. Keep going

Image source: treaddesk
Image source: treaddesk

Working on the go has never been so easy. If you have a height-adjustable desk, this gadget makes it possible to go for a walk while staying at your desk. Special treadmills made for the office enable you to burn some extra calories without working up a sweat – and you avoid unhealthy sitting. One example is the Tread LS. However, this gadget certainly doesn’t come cheap and maybe you could just consider going for a walk around the block and getting some fresh air.

3. Stay in balance

Stay in Balance

If you like the idea of working at your standing desk and training your body at the same time, this gadget might be a slightly more cost-saving option: the FluidStance is a balancing board especially designed for the office to increase your range of motion as well as your heart rate. Standard balancing boards might not be as stylish but will probably do the job, too.

4. Personal trainer in your pocket

Runtastic Results

Being too busy to properly plan and think your next workout through is a VERY bad excuse. Just get yourself a personal trainer for your pocketRuntastic Results is an app that will first determine your fitness level and then help you reach your goals with 120 step-by-step instructional exercise videos, weekly health and nutrition tips and constant adjustment of your training plan based on your experience. As the workouts are very short, you can easily include them in your daily routine. So if you want to be fit – push yourself through!

5. Refreshment reminder


Water is important. It hydrates you (duh!), helps you to keep concentrated and you even burn more calories if you drink more water. Thus, you should drink two or three liters of water per day. That’s a goal a lot of people miss, though, often because they simply forget to drink. Luckily, there’s help in the App Store of your smartphone! There are a lot of apps that help you keep track of your hydration and remind you to drink before you forget about it. Here’s an overview of five applications that will help you to stay fresh.

6. Get yourself reminded

Ultra Boost

So as not to forget your sporty goals despite the daily hassle, you might want to set up a friendly reminder close to your desk. This might be a motivational poster or something more subtle like placing your running shoes where you can always see them: a new pair of Ultra Boost, for example, is not only a nice and trendy eye-catcher but will also remind and motivate you to go for a lunch break run. You will come back from your break with a fresh mind and hundreds of calories burnt. Pro tip: use miadidas to customize your shoes and to apply a short motivational message.

7. Negotiate the table

Table Tennis

Even the most persistent mind sometimes needs a break. Some physical activity can work miracles for boosting creativity. So get yourself and your team a table tennis table. If there’s not enough space available, try to convince your boss to replace the conference table. There are even very stylish versions that no-one can call a compromise.

Those gadgets will help you to embed more sport into your daily life. You’ll not only feel better, but work will also be more fun AND more productive.

What can you do to be a true athlete at work?


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