Living the role as a Brand Director for Reebok Central Europe means experiencing the brand’s ‘be more human’ approach every single day. It cemented my view that the 3 dimensions of fitness can make you better in your job.

I have grown up in various sports all my life, be it competitive or leisure, be it individual sports or team activities. Entering into an exciting career for my professional life, I was happy to find myself exposed to and confronted with very similar human traits and challenges.
The overarching objective that I work towards in my role must be meaningful and seen as an exciting ambition for me to work out a strategy for completion. This requires fitness in regard to all human aspects, be it physical, mental or social. This inevitably leads to exploring your own human traits.

Physical fitness makes me a better presenter

I have learned over the years (sometimes the hard way) what a difference it makes to be physically fit, or not fit, when going into peak phases at work. How easy it is to postpone a workout to the next day or even the next week, just because there is this ‘big deadline’ coming up. Have you ever noticed the difference in your body when you are presenting on stage or in a meeting, when you have done physical exercise before? I realize the difference across my entire body, starting with my facial expression, my body posture, my gestures, my connection with the audience and especially the tone of my voice.

“I believe that fitness helps me to be a better presenter!”
Katja Adrienne Erbe

I enjoy presenting to crowds. I realized very soon that the feeling in my stomach around these big audience presentations is fully identical to my feeling ramping up towards the start of my 800m races in the past: nervousness, discomfort, even fear kicking in of the pain I will inevitably feel after 600m, watching the competitors, wanting to be faster than the other girls, aiming to achieve a certain time at the finish line. It was certainly my perseverance, determination and grit much more than talent that made me a decent 800m runner.

Me presenting the spring/summer 15 collection to our sales team in May 2014

Outside the box – my creative flow during outdoor workouts

Regular workouts and fitness do magic to my mental state. I am an outdoor workout person. Fresh air is a must for me, it clears my head. And once I get into ‘the flow’, be it hill running or swimming, ideas are popping up in my head.

“During my exercises the ideas flow into my mind so clearly; how to move things forward in projects or how to tie up the content for the next presentation or negotiation.”Katja Adrienne Erbe

That is also the time when I have the inner balance to reconsider topics of responsibility and morality of my daily work actions. I feel independent after these workouts – inspired, confident, determined and energized to take whatever next step. And I am convinced my colleagues can tell as well, from my sociability, if I have worked out recently, or not.

Fitness and fresh air are clearing one’s mind and help to perform better – on the track and at work.

Social fitness for outstanding performance as a team

For me as a team leader it is highly important to understand and feel this fine line between individual performance and team performance and how they interdepend on each other. Smaller objectives can and must be achieved individually.

“However, whenever it comes to the overarching goals like a big season launch, a strategic account meeting or a brand campaign, it requires a much bigger team to support each other and to make big things happen.”Katja Adrienne Erbe

Combining different talents, strengths and also weaknesses of a group brings out a strong-performing team. And besides all the professions, it is about the spirit and passion for our brand. Our belief is that fitness makes people more human and that makes the difference between a strong and an outstanding team performance.

So what about you? Where does fitness impact your working life or career?

I’m curious about your stories. Leave me a comment. #BeMoreHuman


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by Diana 02.09.2015
Absolutely! Can't agree more! Must free that time again. Thx Katja
by Katya Margolin 11.09.2015
Great article. Exercise, like sleep, is essential for optimized performance in other areas of our lives, whether it be work or personal relationships. On days when I don't work out, it can be harder to focus and I can get more irritable by the end of the day (which makes taking rest days difficult!) Plus, the evidence is in-- plenty of research shows that people are more productive during the second half of the work day if they get a workout in at lunch, when compared to not working out. These kinds of things should really be taken into account at the workplace in order to build a high-performing, innovative team. Research shows that improving the bottom-line means ensuring healthy, happy, and well-rested employees. I'm glad to see adidas leading the way!
by XXX 06.11.2015
Relies on upon the substance of the gatherings and the desperation of completing the task. I would say general, completing the task is more imperative, yet conveying your plan is additionally critical. On the off chance that you can not go to a getting give a head together with those responsible for the meeting.
by Sheraz 22.01.2016
Presenting important and topic related information in a meeting is necessary this is why you will need to prepare if you are going to present something in a meeting.
by Miguel D 25.01.2016
Time Spent At The Table Means A Lot In Our Fitness And Strategies To Extend It
by XXX 28.01.2016
Katja Erbe is my idol among women. She really motivates other people
by XXX 17.02.2016
Well, this is one very interesting article. I have tried it out severally especially when meeting a new audience and it does has a way of releasing the tension. I feel more comfortable doing my presentation after working out.
by XXX 27.02.2016
Sure such as good articles post in this glod and fabulous i am very good site post Thanks for this nice article,
by XXX 27.02.2016
I personally like your post, you have shared good article. It will help me in great deal.
by June T. Oakley 02.03.2016
great advises! I think music is the best way to prepare myself for presentation. how does music help in learning and does it really help? for me personally it does.
by Janet J. Hendricks 02.03.2016
Do you think music can help you in prepararion as good as fitness does? Here - ive found a lot of great information regarding this matter.
by XXX 03.03.2016
Well, physical fitness is really need for your body if you want to make fit. I also do exercise on a daily basis especially when I feel some stress of my work.
by XXX 19.03.2016
plenty of research shows that many people are more productive during the second half of the work day if they get a workout in at lunch, when compared to not working out.
by Paul Heywood 28.04.2016
I wholeheartedly agree that the wonder of activity - be it solitary (and there's true wonder in a run in any environment to think or to drift.) or in a group. I'm not always happy to do it but I'm always glad I did. The joy of feeding your body and mind with strength, malleability to see troubles with a more objective & healthier view, and that dopamine filled "smug time" that you feel for the remaining day is rewarding.

Exercise, even at a very low level is equal to a low dose of anti-depressants.

I always feel pride when I feed my body, soul & mind with the joys (must remind myself it's joyful when it hurts!!!) of exercise. I always have the best ideas when I'm physically active and I see my creativity,boost.

I am the best version of myself when I feed my body with exercise. I think that's the most succinct edit of the above.

I'm most energetic, creative, philanthropic and fun when I keep moving.

I always strive to be consistent, but it doesn't always happen. This is my task and I'll keep working at it.

Best, Paul.
by Mario Lara 05.09.2017
Making exercise before work changes my whole perspective of the day, I become more confident, focused and ready to thrive.
by Claus Hartmann 06.09.2018
Hey Katja,

love your thougts and attitude! Sports has been a crucial source of energy for me as well. Sports has helped me to overcome / prepare dfficult situations during my childhood or adult life. My coach in school sensed this fairly quickly and let me run / hijump during the whole classperiod - sometimes for 2 hours. He knew that I needed that... and I was proud to gain a top rank during the "Bundesjugendspiele"

Today I am 55 year old HR entrepreneur, run every morning at 5:30 and play fieldhockey twice / week as a goalie if possible. A day or 2 without a workout is almost impossible- gives me a headache.

Since times have changed and the world becomes more complex especially for our children. I coach young (Top) athletes volantarily on their future careers especially when they come from less commercialized sports such as hockey where they cant make a living. The parallels betweens sports and the business world has always been a fascinating subject for me so companies who seek talent with an "athletic" cultural attitude are difficult to find. adidas is one of the view worldwide to pick that up. If I d be some years younger I would drop you my CV ... Now I just send you some of those brilliant kids who have what it takes! Keep on going!! cheers, Claus
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Claus Hartmann 10.09.2018
Hi Claus,

thanks so much for sharing your story with us.
Great to hear that sport has been and still is the deciding factor for your professional success and your well being. What would you so to people, who push hard to get into a sports routine, like running before important meetings, but can't manage to follow through?

by Abid 16.01.2024
Well-written and informative, keep it up
by Abid Abid 16.01.2024
you can follow my website too