I’m still feeling very excited about my time at adidas and I have utmost faith in its future success. “Who cares about the opinion of an inexperienced intern who’s already off to new adventures,” you might ask. adidas does – that’s the first of a number of special characteristics that make adidas so strong and unique.

It might sound hyperbolic to some; but to me adidas is a place where entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration and ambition meet to create products that have the power to change lives. Being an intern has inspired me deeply.

Where opinions and ideas are heard and requested

My journey with the adidas Group started at the beginning of February 2015. Within these months, I encountered many interesting and challenging tasks and projects that tested my abilities and gave me the opportunity to prove myself.

“I soon realized you can shine by being proactive and contributing with innovative and new ideas; even if your ideas are related to the fundamental questions of the company and no matter how senior people in a meeting are.”

A good example for how this spirit is fostered actively is the intern challenge where interns are even more encouraged to put everything they have on the table.
Every year, adidas provides a real-life business case that requires an innovative solution and it is a challenge for several hundred interns to provide the best possible solution. Thereafter, the five best solutions are selected for a final round that consists of a brief presentation of the idea to the sponsor of the business case. I was lucky enough to make it into the final round and presented my idea to Markus Baumann (General Manager Football) and a large audience. This was an amazing experience! So believe me when I say that the voice of an intern is heard and appreciated.

This openness helps to create a culture of difference makers – just as much as the next aspect.

Enabling people on all levels to take responsibility

As an intern in the Program Management Office of Corporate Solutions, I was amongst other things responsible for implementing a new resource management tool within our department that will benefit transparency and future demand planning. Additionally, I was also responsible for developing a KPI dashboard for the senior leadership team of Corporate Solutions, which enables performance measurement and again supports future decision making. All these tasks were really meaningful and had a real impact on the business. It was always made clear to me how I contributed to the bigger purpose. Meaning and purpose – isn’t that what we are all looking for? And it unleashes passion.

A vibe that inspires to perform at your best

In sport everybody knows that every team is more than the sum of its players’ individual skills. There is this special spark that makes the difference. I was clearly able to witness this spark at adidas; it was what inspired me most: my colleagues’ passion and enthusiasm for the brand and the collective eagerness for success and growth. This vibe around the whole company inspires to perform at one’s best.
This passion implies employees’ willingness as well as their desire to go the extra mile. You might think now that it’s all about performance, hard work and reaching ambitious goals at the adidas Group. Whilst this is definitely part of the story, there is another side to it, too.

Work becomes a truly exciting experience

Let me give you some examples why I always considered it fun and exciting to go to work – apart from the fact that I liked my job.
Imagine it’s Monday morning, your first day at work and you are wondering what to wear. Well, grab your adidas Superstars and your new Originals T-shirt and you will fit in perfectly. Correct. No suits, no ties; just you and your individual style. Go and make the ‘World of Sports’ a colorful place.
Speaking of the ‘World of Sports’ – our campus truly deserves this name as it has many sports facilities to offer. Want to play a game of tennis during lunch? No problem, we have a tennis court open for employees to use 24/7. Or would you rather have a game of football or basketball, or maybe you just want to work out at the GYM.

“Whatever sport, you name it, we do it. This is truly a company driven by sports and driven by employees that love sports.”

A 'normal' day at the adidas Group HQ: #Selfie-Time with Pharell Williams

Last but not least here’s a quick question for you: What do Lionel Messi, James Rodriguez, Derrick Rose, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West all have in common?

Correct, they are all part of the adidas family and it is not a rarity to see them walking around the campus. So keep your smartphones in reach and you might be able to grab a selfie with your favorite celebrity.
All of this makes working at adidas more than a job – it’s a real, fun and exciting experience that goes beyond the tasks of your job.

Can you handle what you’ve just read?

At adidas you’ll get the chance to change the company, the industry and maybe even the world. To me it’s an open space for creativity, entrepreneurship and open-mindedness. The traits described above make adidas, in my humble opinion, the best sports company in the world.
These traits will probably help any team to succeed but its adidas’ individual way of bringing them to life which is what makes the company so attractive.

So take your chance and create the new together with the best sports brand in the world – if you can handle what you’ve just read.


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