Welcome to 'PITCH' at the adidas Group HQ

After just two months of working in our new ‘PITCH’ building – the first manifestation of adidas’ future workplace concept ‘My Arena’ – I’ve already decided I don’t ever want to go back to ‘normal’.

My department was chosen to move into PITCH to test and develop a new office set-up which will eventually be rolled out to all of our colleagues across the world. Three office suppliers – USM, Bene and Vitra – each equipped one floor of our new building and now it’s up to us to see what really works for us when it comes to furniture and the overall working culture.

I’d like to give you an idea of why I think the concept really works for me.

Ritual or change?

Firstly, to give you a little bit of context, I no longer have my own desk. No one does. I start the day by picking up my laptop from my personal locker before finding a desk for the morning (which is never a problem because there are more than enough for everybody).

At PITCH, everybody clears their desk when they are done, which gives me the freedom of choice to work where I want.

The fact that no one has a fixed workplace – irrespective of hierarchy – means that even my boss sits right there with us.
This has really helped me to move away from the formal meetings I used to have with my boss. Instead, we now have more face time, which actually helps with quicker decision-making.

Today I’ve chosen a desk close to our ‘homebase’ – a central point where our team can congregate – and the ‘kitchen hub’ so that I get the chance to catch up with my colleagues as they arrive.

On other days, I might choose to ‘steal’ someone´s favourite desk or work on a different floor, giving me the chance to get to know people from other departments who I normally would not mingle with.

At the end of the day, we’re all human and it’s all too easy to become victims of our habits. It’s only natural that many of my colleagues (including myself) often choose the same desk to start the day, but this isn’t a problem by any means. The fact that we have a choice, however, makes a difference.

Think BIG: at 'PITCH' you can do a 360° brainstorming.
Free and open space for creators and entrepreneurial minds
Choose your desk, share your desk - your customised workplace for every task of the day
My kitchen is your kitchen - 'PITCH's hotspot in the morning
Working within a cheering stadium? Inspiring, isn't it?
It is worth sharing any detail on a big screen to create an inspiring presentation atmosphere.
More than just a modern office - 'PITCH' creates a culture.
Using short breaks to revitalise actively helps to stay focussed and creative
Open spaces enhance the communication inside and outside 'PITCH'
01 of

I get what I need

The way the building is laid out also pushes us away from the more conventional way of doing things, with an increased focus on activity-based working. Meetings take up a large chunk of our time. This hasn’t changed since the move to PITCH; however, there’s a big difference when it comes to the availability of meeting rooms and the variety they come in. No longer do I have to search for an available room and walk halfway through the building only to find out that the previous meeting is overrunning, losing time as I wait for the room to clear. PITCH offers meeting areas of all shapes and sizes, equipped with state-of-the-art presentation kits such as wireless presenting equipment or special HD smartboards.

Some rooms even have walls and floors that are like a gigantic whiteboard that you can write on.

One of the best things is that only special project rooms can be booked in advance, so if a space is free, it’s yours to take. After my lunch break I often choose to go to my favourite recreation area, the massage room. Fifteen minutes in one of the massage chairs can really work miracles after lunch or a workout in the GYM. Most importantly, at the end of the working day, I feel less exhausted … and to some point even relaxed; after all, it feels less like a workplace and more like a cosy living room.

“Don’t worry, though: We’re just as productive – if not more so – as we were in our old office set-up.”

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by Tareq Nazlawy 30.09.2015
Whiteboards as walls... walls as whiteboards... I'm all about that!!
by Denise 30.09.2015
Love this work environment!!!
by Basar Ilarslan 02.10.2015
Not only work, but also live here. :) So inspiring.
by Anne M. 02.10.2015
we have worked there last saturday due to GMM preparations and maintenance weekend in Laces, it was absolutely great, cozy and inspiring - and most important calm... that is what we need, even in an open office space.. cu soon Pitch
by Jonatas Jacob 02.10.2015
Is it works for every department? Fantastic, for sure this is the future at the present!!!
by Jeonghwan Jin 05.10.2015
In Korea, with in wholesales division, we've worked like similar system layout wherever I can choose. It needs to be speared to everywhere regarding increasing be more human!

Good works!!
by Poo 06.10.2015
Really awesome concepts. We hot desk and it does allow for better collaboration and changes the way we think and internally collaborate.
by Sarah 22.11.2016
This is not the case in all of your locations, so I'm confused why you are trying to portray Adidas as a whole like this. I visited your office in Indianapolis and it looked old, outdated, dirty and boring. One of the shabbiest office spaces I've ever seen. Not sure how you would expect your workers to feel "inspired" while working in such a gloomy building. Why would you not make all of your locations pleasant and enjoyable??
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Sarah 23.11.2016
Hi Sarah,
PITCH has been a pilot project for us to let employees test 3 different workplace concepts. The final future workplace concept of the adidas Group, called “MyArena”, will be rolled out globally, starting in our HQ in Amsterdam, Portland and Herzo.

by stefanie Bereiter 21.12.2017
Hello there
I absolutely love your office and wanted to know where you got this: Some rooms even have walls and floors that are like a gigantic whiteboard that you can write on.
We are a creative film hub and are renovating and are exactly looking for this.
Thanks for your ultrafast reply.
by suroj 18.06.2019
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