Career achievements are an important part of our lives. For lots of people – including myself – the level of self-fulfillment is closely related to it. We constantly strive for the best and work hard to develop faster and faster.

The problem is that from time to time we forget about other important aspects in our lives,  like our health. Probably, like some of you, I did not schedule enough time for regular exercise, rest and proper mental and physical nutrition.

“The story I want to share with you today is about that one moment that made me change: A true reinvention of myself.”

Let me tell you why I started to get onto the Fast Track to Health.

Back in 2013, I received the “Manager of the Year Award” as recognition for my hard work as a former retail trainer at the adidas Group, so in terms of reaching my work goals I was doing a great job, but at the same time I felt exhausted and was unfit. It became clear to me that if I wanted to have long-term success, I needed to step up my game and start my quest for a healthier work-life balance. The biggest challenge for me, as for most of you probably as well, was finding the dedicated time.

What boosted my quest for health was being asked to co-facilitate our “Fit To Lead” program.

“For me it was clear that if I accept the job, I needed to be physically fit myself, as it’s important to me to practice what I preach!”

So in 2014 I was determined to find the fastest and most efficient way to make sure that I would finally start to balance my career and health.

It has been an exciting journey with ups and some downs since then.For me the key was to actively seek out people who are better than me at what I wanted to achieve.

So I signed up at our company gym, which was a huge step for me as I felt insecure, out of place and uncomfortable because I thought everybody working out there was super fit. When I came there, I proved to be wrong! It was a great atmosphere that helped me a lot to stay on track and to keep exercising. So, my motivation was up!

I also teamed up with Falko, a colleague of mine, who is this kind of “the gym is my temple” guy. As I am a team player, I needed a buddy to get fit. Together the work out is way more efficient and a lot of fun. Fully trained, always motivated – a perfect match for my goals. Since I started exercising and changing my habits, I lost 13 kilogram and my body fat mass reduced by 50% from 24,4kg to 12.2kg.

Every day I try to connect my actions to my life´s purpose. If I want to empower others, I need to have the energy to do so. Personally I do get a lot of energy at the gym.

The more you are connected to your passion, the easier your choices become. Am I taking actions that bring me closer to my goals or am I drifter away from them?

Let´s get back to “Fit to Lead”, which is a program for new leaders at the adidas Group but also a great creator mindset program. You really get out what you are prepared to put into. It opens up your world and encourages you to take responsibility for your own learning and find new ways to operate as a creator. The program is about getting fit but that year the external health seminar could not offered. For me, that was unacceptable. I wanted to make a difference for our participants as this program empowered me personally to get fit. So I found ways to host an internal health seminar by joining forces with our gym, the health management team, the catering department and the learning team.

“Fit to Lead” triggered me to even make a bigger difference I am working on right now. The idea was born to build a network of like-minded creators, a “Creator Platform” based on skill-swapping. My mission is to unite all creators and people who are willing to learn how to think and act as a creator, as this is a mindset shift within the company. I am looking for people with a passion, who go the extra mile, challenge and change current ways of working that will lead to the desired results. This platform will connect creators and empowers others with a positive way of excelling. Just like I did.

Reinventing myself through the power of sports
Reinventing myself through the power of sports
Reinventing myself through the power of sports
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Remember the example I mentioned at the beginning? Falko, Senior Manager Product Integrity and my personal trainer, helped me to get fit physically, and in return I coached him to reach his business goals.

“I always look for inspiring people who can empower me in my day to day job as a trainer, getting the best out of you.”

I am calling all creators, to surface and unite ourselves and make that difference that we are expected to do.


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by Krishna C. Kalva 26.08.2015
Good read. Like the way you said, practice what you preach!
by Alison 30.08.2015
Thank you for sharing your insight. What a fantastic example you set for your team members!
by Chris 30.01.2016
Very interesting post!!! I have just begun a blog myself on the power of sport to influence build personal skills.

You may be interested in it, your points are really valid.
by Ben 20.02.2016
Great article! I loved your comment about "the more you are connected to your passion, the easier your choices become." It's very true! I find that aligning yourself with a path you are passionate about (whether in career, fitness, etc) is half the battle. Only then will all your hard work be the most rewarding!