Close your eyes. Imagine you are walking down your favourite city street. It’s the one city that gets your heart pumping, the one place where inspiration and productivity meet. You are greeted by an array of sounds, smells and sights. So distinct, but so comforting.

And that’s the beauty of places; they are not just a physical space, but a journey of their people, their history, art and culture; the sports played, the street scene, culinary offerings, all culminating into a treasure trove of exciting memories and stories.

Urbanization – more than a trend

Since 1990, the number of mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants has tripled. “By 2030, the world is projected to have 41 mega-cities” according to a UN report. These are the ‘halo’ locations that influence the world, because they have the biggest commercial relevance, see greater participation in sports, host major sports events and shape the global streetwear culture.From there, trends will spread to the rest of the world. More than ever before, the appeal and power of a brand will be determined by its success in ever-expanding key cities.

London - a global brand key city

Six cities that will shape the future

But what makes a key city? Everybody has their own favourite place, a city that he or she somehow fell in love with. However, if you speak with enough people, you’ll start to hear an echo. The same cities will be mentioned time and time again as key sources of inspiration.

When it comes to our playing field, sport and lifestyle, this is the case for Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles and London. These are the six cities that we at the adidas Group have identified as key to help us along our path of Creating the New. It is our aspiration to show up as a premium brand in each of them.

Obviously that is easier said than done. To succeed, brands must constantly keep the finger on the pulse to be at the forefront of trends. And that is why we delve deeper into the hearts of those cities to understand what makes them tick, what rhythm they sway to.

Let’s talk london

From the London Marathon to London Fashion Week. From Kanye surprising consumers in stores to Chelsea FC, one of the world’s greatest football clubs. London seems to create ripples with its trends that are heard across the four corners of the earth. Here are some facts:

  1. London is the most dynamic global city. It is the most visited and has the fifth-largest city economy at approximately £303.9 billion. Thereby it represents 22% of the UK economy.
  2. With a population of 8.6 million, London is the largest city in the UK and the 19th-largest city in the world. London’s population is expected to exceed 9 million by 2021, to be almost 10 million by 2031 and 11 million by 2050.
  3. London is a shoppers’ paradise – it is home to Oxford Street, Europe’s business shopping destination with over 200 million shoppers per year. In addition, London has over 1,000 town centres and 40,000 shops.

Excited? So are we. And why keep all our great insights and knowledge about this fantastic city to ourselves? So if your work or leisure takes you to London, here’s a guide to some of our favourite things you wouldn’t want to miss…

London - where the trends are born

Download our city guide as a printout PDF below!



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