Did you know that innovation is a skill, not just a talent! And just like any other skill, it can and should be developed. In the fast-paced and global work environment of today it is important to have an edge, a competitive advantage, and having innovation skill provides just that.

That’s why we launched our first-of-its-kind adidas Group Innovation Academy (aGIA) pilot program in North America – so that we could develop the skills of all employees throughout the company. The days of the lone wolf R&D group creating sustainable innovation are over. Innovation is a team sport!

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that ‘creating the new’ is the focus of our new strategic business plan. Essentially we are all creators, makers and doers – the trick is to unleash that potential within all of us. While we are innovating on all fronts from digital to design, this is the first program designed to equip and inspire every employee to think like business innovators.

With a long and storied history of innovation, we are ‘creating the new’ through actions not just words. The aGIA is a 10-week course, using video lectures, exercises and assignments to challenge our assumptions and inspire our creativity. It’s already transforming how we think and act.

Having the opportunity to be involved in the production of the video segments and lectures as well as being involved in planning communication strategy and leading the development of the partnership agreement with Gary Hamel and his team was fantastically satisfying personally. In fact the Innovation Core team’s first innovation was in partnership with our NAM IT colleagues in upgrading our critical infrastructure to allow us to run full HD video for the entire market! We all want to have impact, and see that impact. Innovation is a great way to fulfill that ambition.

Once the pilot has been completed, the adidas Group Innovation Academy may be accessible by our entire group of brands across the globe. The goal is to move beyond product and into the 21st century where competitive differentiation is made through business model disruption.

In today’s career environment, having knowledge and talent is just the first step in a successful career. The challenge is: what do you do with that knowledge that others do not? Creative capital is what sets people apart in a competitive industry such as ours.

Do you have the intellectual curiosity to have an impact and make a difference in your career and here at the adidas Group?


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by Jara Pascual 07.07.2015
Well done Sean!!!!!

Love it!
by Felicity Milton 02.08.2015
Love it! What a fantastic initiative. I hope to hear more about it soon!