So you have decided to apply for a job with adidas. Great ! What’s next?

If you are in the market for your next gig, you may have come across some organizations that are using video interviewing. A few years back this was a relatively experimental approach in the field of recruiting.  Now, the technology and internet speeds are making this a more viable option for a more efficient recruiting process, both for the organization and the candidate.  Therefore we felt it’s important to shed some light on the technology itself and how to get the most out of the experience.

Video Interview Draft Hannah
Video interviews at adidas

At adidas we are leveraging video interviewing for certain positions in North America and our Headquarters in Germany. We use this technology as it allows us to interview many more candidates than we would without it.

There are many forms of video interviewing.  It can be as simple as doing a live interview via Skype or leveraging technology that allows for a virtual interview. 

In our case, we leverage both. But in this example we are discussing the latter, the virtual video interview.

What is a video interview and how does it work?

A virtual video interview is essentially a web-based pre-recorded video interview.  This method allows you to record the interview at your convenience. We typically give you 3-4 days to complete the interview and all you need is a web-cam and microphone.  You can even use your mobile device. During the video interview, you watch our team ask you a question which you will also read on the screen. For each question you are given approximately 20 seconds to prepare, followed by 2-minutes to record your response. Most interviews range from 6-8 questions. The hiring team then uses the information to evaluate which candidates to invite into the next stages. That could be via phone, live video or in person.

How to nail your interview

We have watched thousands of these videos.  Here are 4 tips to make a great first impression.

1. Relax.

Based on candidate feedback, we understand for most of you this is the first time you have been asked to complete an interview like this.  We don’t expect perfection. Instead, we are only looking to gather the basic information we need to assess your qualifications according to the requirements of our hiring team.

2. Follow the instructions.

The system will guide you through a setup.  Make sure the audio and video are working correctly.  If they are available, get used to the watch/prepare/respond rhythm of the interview by taking advantage of the practice questions.  By the second or third question, you will have it down.

3. Prepare.

Read through the job description thoroughly. Give examples of your previous work that support the experience and skills asked for in the job description.

4. Lastly, pay attention to your surroundings.

We can hear your phone ringing.  We can see your dog using the backyard as a toilet through the window over your shoulder. True story!  As evidence that no videos are perfect, ‘dog in the backyard’-guy was hired for an Operations position with our team in Portland and is doing a fantastic job.

Working for us is fun.  Take a deep breath and relax. Put the dog away and turn off your ringer.

Let’s all enjoy the interview process. Good luck to everyone.

If you have any questions please reach out to us and leave your comment below.

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by C. Corredor 24.04.2015
Hi Dustin,

Thank you for this blog post! It was interesting and useful for future candidates.

I have a quick question for you, do you know what are the key characteristic/skills that a Addidas team member must have to excel within your organization?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

by Nicole Nowlin 24.04.2015
It was my first time using such a system. I talked to a lot of people trying to get an idea of what to expect, and thankfully there was a great alum at adidas who was able to give me a better idea. It went well and I was a top contender according to HR, but sadly did not get the position. I'll keep trying! I'd love to stqrt at adidas as an EA in Portland.
by Quentin Howard 25.04.2015
Hey Dustin,

Thanks for this post on video interviews. I submitted my video interview for an internship in Portland about 2 weeks ago. I was wondering what is the average response time to our videos.

by Emily Delaney 26.04.2015

I really appreciate this article - I completed my video interview earlier this week and your tips were really helpful. I've had video interviews before but not with a clock countdown. It surprised me at first, but I think it's a smart tactic to get to know candidates on a personal level in a timely manner.

Thanks for posting!
by Dustin 27.04.2015

Good luck!


Average response time should be within a few weeks, however the internship process may be a little different because often it is managed by our colleagues in HR rather than in recruiting. In addition, we have so many responses to screen for internships that it might take just a bit longer.


We appreciate your enthusiasm. Sometimes it takes a few tries.


Specific traits can depend on the position, but overall we look for people who are innovative, passionate about sports and have ability to collaborate with team members across functions.
by Quantavius 15.05.2015
Hello Dustin,

What date do most internships in the summer start and how long do they last?

Thank you
by Dustin 15.05.2015

Thanks for the question however I'm not sure I can answer as I have not been involved in the internship selection process. In addition, we may be on different timelines in different parts of the world.
by Azfar Wasim 21.07.2015
Hey Dustin, I gave this interview for the campus scm and it program 2015, and was informed in another email that my candidacy was being reviewed further and feedback from the hiring manager is being sought.

However I haven't been contacted after that, so I was wondering what the status of my application was and who might I reach out to, in order to find that out?
by Dustin 21.07.2015
Hi Azfar, looks like that job is in Germany. I will forward your message to my colleagues at our Global HQ. Good luck!
by Ruby Toor 01.10.2015
Hi Dustin,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for Adidas. This blog was extremely helpful in preparing for the video interview and I am flattered to be considered for an inspiring and innovative company such as Adidas. I hope to hear from recruiting soon.


Ruby Toor
by Dustin 01.10.2015

Good luck!
by Tammy 24.10.2015
very cool progressive approach. Good luck to all interviewees.
by Ferial 26.10.2015
Hi Dustin

What's the likelihood of being considered for a role in Germany if you live in South Africa???
by Sabrina 27.10.2015
Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the article, I really enjoyed reading it! I had a phone interview with one of your recruiters a few days ago for a Design position within Adidas. I hope I did a good job and I'm looking forward to hearing back from your hiring manager, hopefully with an invite for a live video interview. So I hope I will be using your tips soon!

Thanks for helping!


by Michael Crusham 23.01.2016
My video was upside-down, and when I flipped my device, the video was still upside-down. Is this normal?
by Dustin 04.02.2016

Thanks for the question. For technical issues with the system we recommend reaching out to WePow Tech Support at

Hopefully that's helpful.
by Racquel Yeedia 08.02.2016
Hey Dustin ! This article was really helpful! I'm currently a sophomore in college and would love to know how to be on the right track and what I can do as of now to get that opportunity after my senior year? Btw, I'm a PR communications major with an international marketing minor.
by Dustin Racquel Yeedia 19.08.2016
Hi Racquel, my best recommendation is to look for an internship on our team. For the US, we typically post internships in Dec/Jan for the following summer.
by Aman sachdev 19.08.2016
With time limits in place , brevity is salient . I am professional with 7 years of work-ex and 7 years of academic education. Is it ok to use pre-written material for reference given I might have lot to talk , but must respect timelines too ?

Many Thanks
Aman Sachdev
by Dustin Aman sachdev 19.08.2016
Hi Aman,

Feel free to prepare any way you see appropriate. You probably won't know about the questions until you conduct the interview however.
by Antonio Bejarano 23.08.2016
The video interview experience is awesome! Obviously the 1st times you complete one you'll feel like you screwed it but every time you practice you learn how to arrange everything in order to record a well lit, proper background color, proper noiseless environment, etc. And regarding the questions believe there's enough time to prepare your responses, you just have to be focused and synthesize a good answer.
by Dustin Antonio Bejarano 23.08.2016
Hi Antonio, thanks a lot for the feedback
by Chance Crisler 24.08.2016
Hi Dustin,
Thank you for the blog post! Very interesting and informative! I actually just applied for the Dallas Soccer Sales Representative position. Usually how long does it take to hear back from a recruiter? Or should I seek the sales recruiter and introduce myself?
by Dustin Chance Crisler 24.08.2016
Hi Chance, we do our best to respond to all applications within 2 weeks so you can expect to hear from us soon. Our Sales Recruiter will respond. Good luck.
by Keitia 16.12.2016
I just recently had and video interview for an HR internship. How longs does it typically take to hear back from anyone?
by Dustin Keitia 17.12.2016
Response times can vary by position and location. For an internship I would refer back to either the job posting/description or your communications from the recruiter for a more clear expectation around the timelines involved with the selection process.
by Raul Ortiz 23.12.2016

Hey Dustin! The tips were very useful to prepare me for the interview. With every tip I felt more relaxed and confident. This is my first time doing a video interview and was curious if Adidas will give any personal feedback?

If not, It's A-O-K


Raul Ortiz
by Dustin Raul Ortiz 24.12.2016
Hi Raul,

Glad the tips were helpful and thanks for letting us know. Regarding feedback, you will receive a response from us no matter what. The level of feedback you get on a video interview depends on a lot of things including how many applicants were asked to participate and the amount of people that were involved in the evaluation process. If you don't receive specific feedback on the video interview, I recommend reaching out to your recruiter with the request.


by Amit Bansal 23.01.2017
Wow that's something new and i hope to do better.
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Amit Bansal 24.01.2017
I wish you the best of luck, Amit!
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High five,

by Ahmed 27.03.2017
Is it appropriate if I showed up at the interview wearing Adidas training suit?
by Dustin Ahmed 02.04.2017
Hi Ahmed, thanks for the question. We many kinds of positions set in a variety of environments from professional to more relaxed. This is probably a better question to ask your recruiter who would be better equipped to guide you based on the particular circumstance of the position you are interviewing for. Good luck.
by Leland Hages 27.03.2017
I completed a video interview a couple of weeks ago for the Inventory Optimization Analyst position, but have not heard anything. I do not have a contact to follow up with. Any idea how long it takes to hear back? Or who a contact person would be?
by Dustin Leland Hages 02.04.2017
Hi Leland, thanks for the message. We do our best to follow up asap. Thanks for your patience with our process that can sometimes take a little longer than anticipated. We have many recruiters in many locations so I'm not sure who to refer you to but I'm confident you will hear something soon.
by Eray 08.02.2018
Hello Dustin,

Thank you for this great article before interview. There is a interview soon which i'll apply.

I've got only one question for you, how do you decide if someone from abroad to apply job in Germany ?
Should i have great skills or experience... etc something ?

Thank you in advance !
by Dustin Eray 08.02.2018
Hi Eray, thanks for the message. My advice for applying in your location or abroad is the same. Yes, you should have the required skills and experience. Most important, present that in to us in a way that demonstrates why you are such a great match for the role you are applying for. Show us what we are asking for. Thanks and good luck!
by Meghan Philp 23.03.2018
Great article!
by Dustin Wilshire Meghan Philp 26.03.2018
Thanks a lot for reading!
by Adam Perez 10.04.2018
Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the blog post. This definitely helped me prepare for my video interview. I submitted my video interview for a position in Soccer Sales a month ago. The application on the site says "Application in process". My guess is I should sit tight as someone will be reaching out regardless pretty soon? Just anxious and excited to hear back! Thanks again!
by Dustin Adam Perez 10.04.2018
Hi Adam,

Thanks for completing your interview, and for your interest in joining our team. Response times can vary, however it shouldn't take a month. Thanks for your patience.
by Yun Callahan 24.04.2018
I'd like to send a thank you note for my video job interview I had today. How I can get in contact with the Hiring Team in Portland, OR?