Jessica Ennis, British track and field athlete and Olympic gold medalist, recently visited the adidas World of Sports. In our exclusive interview she shares insights regarding career, family, motivation and how to stay on track to pursue even her most ambitious goals.

Jessica, welcome to the World of Sports. You started taking part in athletics at a very early age. What was your motivation to participate and compete in sports?

Jessica: “One day I just started training and took part in athletics more or less accidentally. From the beginning on I enjoyed and loved it. After some time I was able to take things to the next level. I was always motivated and wanted to win medals. I had one goal: To become a great athlete.”

Neither of your parents had been professional athletes. What made you confident that you could succeed in sports?

Jessica: “I always felt the support of my parents even though they weren’t sportspeople. They encouraged me to do sports and to train as hard as I could. That guidance was always there and helped me to stay focused. In general, I’m quite a competitive person and that comes from my mother. She is also very competitive. These two combinations coming together allowed me to go on and to achieve what I have achieved so far.”

I have learned to take the moment through participating in lots of different competitions. Challenges, setbacks and moments of pure happiness – these were the moments that have taught me to never give up and to take the day.Jessica Ennis, Olympic Athlete

You’re already preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 – many of our readers are working hard towards their future career goals as well. What is your advice to them to stay “on track”?

Jessica: “When my motivation is low I say to myself that I need to push myself to the limit and be
all I can be to reach the top and to achieve what I dreamed of. I was also able to learn a lot through my studies in psychology. A lot of these theories that you get in touch with can be applied to sports, career and everyday life.”

Thank you very much. Good luck for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio 2016


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