Make athletes better – throughout its history and still today, this is adidas’ ultimate goal..

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors

The brand continuously brings new, innovative products to market to help athletes of all levels to run that bit faster, jump higher, reach the ball sooner or score that decisive point. Not without good reason do the world’s best athletes wear products with the famous 3-Stripes – across a multitude of sports. But adidas also wants to touch and excite consumers emotionally – inspiring them, igniting their passion and winning the confidence of young athletes by demonstrating that adidas is the brand that understands them.

Sports and the shared passion

Against this background, adidas has now launched the first in what will be a long-term series of films – Sport 15 – designed to appeal to sports enthusiasts all over the world. The main focus of Sport 15 is clear: it’s all about sport and the shared passion. The aim is to motivate young athletes to always be the best they can be at any sport or at any level.

Ryan Morlan, Vice President Brand Communications at adidas, is responsible for the films, the concept and the strategy behind it all. In the following interview, Ryan speaks about the marketing approach and message of Sport 15 as well as the role that the local adidas newsrooms will play in the global activations. He explains why any moment in sport offers a chance to do the impossible, what to expect in the future from adidas and why this marks the start of a long-term investment into the brand. Ryan also gives some personal insights into what for him constitutes good brand communication and how his own professional background and experience have helped to develop a communication strategy for Sport 15.

And here are the first spots of the adidas film series Sport 15


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Video Interview on adidas’ new Marketing Campaign ‘Sport 15’ | Teacher Dougles Chan