As we enter the new year and start thinking about the upcoming month, many of us like to reflect on what we want in our career for the coming year, whether it’s a new job or the same job with new challenges. This post is about a few of my top tips for your career planning for the year to come.

1. Define what your values are about your career

Write down a list of answers to the following question: ‘what is REALLY important for you about your career?’ List the first things that come to your mind. Focus on what your gut feelings, not just on what your head says. Select the top 5 and put them in order of importance. Ask yourself why these are so important to you. What are your believes about your career. These values act as a compass in helping you in decision making about career choices, to ensure they are aligned with your values.

2. Visualize your career goals for the new year

Write a statement or several statements outlining what you want to achieve with your career. Is it a new skill, knowledge, attitude, more money, promotion or something else? Write your statements specifically on the future and what you would be seeing, hearing and feeling when you know you have been successful.

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3. Get a coach or mentor

Find someone who you admire and trust to discuss how you could go about realizing your career goals for the year to come.

To have a strong sparring partner makes it easier to reach your goals.
To have a strong sparring partner makes it easier to reach your goals.

4. If you want to get promoted focus on advancing your visibility/reputation, not just delivery

Research shows that delivery impacts only 10% in getting promoted, over 70% is about your visibility and reputation. It is taken for granted you already deliver. You can build visibility by firstly securing yourself a ‘sponsor’. Who is your champion? Who will provide the opportunity to get noticed? How is your line manager supporting you? Secondly, by building your own brand. What do you stand for? What makes you different; do a personal strengths assessment.

5. Surround yourself with people who believe in you

…and with people who are willing to take a risk on you. Have the conversation with your line manager about what and where you need their support. If you don’t like who you work for, or you feel they are holding you back, do something about it.

6. Believe in yourself and be courageous

If you don’t like what you do, or it’s draining your energy, it’s time to move jobs and find one that you do like and that gives you energy. No one else is coming to change it or to make it better. Only you can do that.

Take the holiday season to prepare for a new year and the next chapter of your career.

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by Lina 11.12.2014
Very good advice. In particular, the fifth and final tip I particularly like .
by david chuckran 19.12.2014
Good tips! Nice early xmas gift.
by Nivaldo Angelo Marin 18.01.2016
Very nice tips, made me think alot about it. 4,5 and 6 are my favorites.
by Robin 03.02.2016

Great tips....thanks Michelle Louise Wilkinson! Here are a few other things you need to do to be successful at work. I am sure they are very helpful to all the readers here!