We live in a world full of stereotypes. In a company with employees from over 70 different nations we see every day that clichés are not always veracious. Therefore, inspired by fashion blogs, we compared styles: department stereotypes vs. the adidas Group style. Check out our first part as well!

People from the Sport Performance Department (click to enlarge)

SPORT PERFORMANCE (Basketball, Football and Sport Performance Business Units)

These guys live and breathe the sports they represent. It’s only fitting that stereotypically I envision someone from the running business unit in a tracksuit, someone from basketball rocking snapbacks, shorts and a jersey on the regular, or someone from action sports wearing their favorite skateboarding brands.

Megan: “The Sport Performance group has got to be the sportiest group of kids out there, don’t you think? They work with all the new top-notch workout gear that’s going into the market, they must be fit and stylish. You’re definitely right. Whether it’s dressing up for a marketing meeting like Craig from the Running BU in Herzo or you feel like going casual wearing a Germany football jacket like Sunny from Soccer Merchandising in Hong Kong. The clothes they wear probably depend on what they have going on during the day, and maybe what mood they’re in when they wake up! They seem like they have a lot of fun in Sport Performance no matter where they’re located around the world.”

FINAL VERDICT: 6/10 Sport Performance fashion stereotypes are sometimes reflected within the adidas Group depending on the individual and the sport they represent.

People from the Design Department (click to enlarge)


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of design and innovation is a nerdy hipster. To be honest, they’re the artsy workers and the people that really think out of the box when it comes to new innovative ideas, so that’s what I think of! They don’t want to create anything too ‘mainstream’. They are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to computers to design on, so I am imagining more of a nerdy hipster, glasses and all!

Megan: “When it comes to apparel and footwear in adidas, these people know what is happening two to five years in advance! You think they would dress super fashionable, and maybe a little hipster because they know everything about design, and are very artsy. Ben, who is a technical manager in footwear in Herzo, is on top of his game with his asymmetrical stylish jacket. He is bringing that European vibe to work and I think that is awesome.”

Cindy: “I really love the sporty-classy look that Alysha pulls off with her blazer and runner combo. Her color coordination is on point and I’d definitely trust her with the design and innovation of Reebok products. Michael also seems like the right type of guy for designing TaylorMade apparel and shoes. He manages to make traditional golf clothing look current and cool!

FINAL VERDICT: 9/10 Design & Innovation fashion stereotypes are strongly reflected within the adidas Group.

People from the Human Resource Department (click to enlarge)


When I think of Human Resource employees, I envision the nicest, most empathetic and approachable people ever! Stereotypically, these employees represent the caring mothers, soccer dads and guidance counsellors of the corporate world. They guide you through almost every aspect of your employment and know all the important people necessary for acquiring a job.

Cindy: “People come from all walks of life in every department and Human Resources is no different. Having interned in the Human Resources department this summer, I’ve met a whole range of people from ex-skateboarders to Burning Man enthusiasts, to rock climbers and even the stereotypical soccer moms and dads.”

Megan: “To me, these people sound like they must be very outgoing and get along with everyone. I think they would dress eclectic but in a professional manner, and I seem to be right! I love Jessica’s cute print dress, it’s classy but at the same time it shows her personality, and her positive energy makes her easy to interact with others while working at adidas.”

FINAL VERDICT: 7/10 Human Resources fashion stereotypes are quite well reflected within the adidas Group.

Moral of the story: come as you are. The worst thing you can do is leave your true self at the door. You don’t need to fit the stereotype. Mix it up and watch what happens. Chances are you’ll secretly inspire others to up their fashion game and kill the department stereotypes. As Adi Dassler said: “lead, don’t copy”.


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