One special thing about the adidas Group has always been its liberal dress code. The freedom to wear practically whatever we want to work allows us to break away from departmental stereotypes (e.g. how finance people dress vs. marketing people). It allows us to showcase our true individuality and originality. Inspired by fashion blogs like and, Megan McCullough (Sport Performance Apparel Design intern) and I decided to collaborate and do something similar with the fashion choices at the adidas Group!

Through our commentary, we hope to evaluate things like the extent to which employees fit their department stereotypes, what outfits potentially say about people, and also how fashion might change from location to location around the world.


People from the Finance Department (click to enlarge)

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of finance? For a business student like me, it’s Wall Street. This famous street is often considered the pinnacle of the finance world and the attire of its inhabitants reflects what I typically think of as finance fashion. For example Michael Douglas in his 1987 hit movie ‘Wall Street’ clad in his traditional dress shirt, dress pants, dated tie, and suspenders. In almost 20 years, fashion within the finance world has hardly changed. In the finance world, it feels like if you’re not in formal business clothing every day, what are you even doing in finance?

Cindy: “Here at the adidas Group, it’s really refreshing to see extremely talented and intelligent finance employees not having to conform to traditional financial dress codes. Whether slacks, jeans or leggings, we realize that what our employees wear doesn’t make them any less professional or less qualified for the jobs they’re doing.”

FINAL VERDICT: 3/10. Finance fashion stereotypes aren’t strongly reflected within the adidas Group.


People from the Originals Department

Inspired by fashion-forward cities like New York, Paris and Tokyo, Originals releases product lines targeted towards the young, urban and trendy consumer. When I think of Originals fashion, I tend to think of bold, colorful prints, the coolest hat/shoe combos, and an overall swagger that’s unparalleled.

Megan: “Everyone around adidas knows that the people at Originals have the coolest style. Always fresh, and wearing the latest stuff with the craziest prints, they’re easy to point out in a crowd. Check these guys out, Chris from Portland takes a normal workout outfit and tucks his pants into his socks so he can show off his sneakers. VERY STYLE. The adidas Originals kids know how to rock adidas in a new way that makes everyone turn their heads! Naoki really encompasses the Originals vibe. I love the camo green with the mustard shoes. VERY FASHION. They always know how to take the mix of sport and fashion to the next level here at adidas, and I love that!”

FINAL VERDICT: 9/10. Originals fashion stereotypes are strongly reflected within the adidas Group.


People from the IT department

It’s a horrible stereotype to make, but IT employees have always been portrayed as nerdy, awkward and recluse people. They seem to interact more with computers than human beings on a daily basis. They’re probably best known for awkwardly-fitted polos tucked into high-waisted pants.

Cindy: “The IT department stereotype is fully broken when you meet some of our employees here at the adidas Group. Their styles are approachable, authentic, and truly reflect our company culture. I personally love how well sports seems to be integrated in the Panama offices! Their love for sports like skateboarding and soccer is definitely reflected in what they wear, whether it’s from our Originals or soccer lines.”

FINAL VERDICT: 1/10. IT fashion stereotypes are not strongly reflected within the adidas Group.


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