Today, I would like to talk about what makes the difference between a ‘good’ leader and a really ‘great’ leader.
Leadership effectiveness is often spoken about, but few are really living it. If you type ‘leadership effectiveness’ into Google, you get around 40,000 results. Everyone seems to be writing or speaking about it, yet for many of us it still isn’t felt or experienced with our leaders – why?

Perhaps it’s a combination of many things – depending on whom you are speaking to. What I do know is that without effective leadership companies eventually will die. Employees and the way they experience their organisation and, more importantly, their leaders’ behaviours are the factors that generate bottom line success. Let me share a simple, practical formula which in my opinion works:

How leaders‘ behaviours impact bottom line success

So, here are top tips to improve your effectiveness as a leader which you can start implementing right now … so what are you waiting for?

  1. What is your leadership brand? I mean you as a person, not the brand or company you work for. What do you believe in as a leader? What do you want to be known for across peers and your team? What are your values around leadership, why is this important to you? Articulate it, write it down, get some coaching if it helps you and share your ideas with your team to inspire them.
  2. What type of leadership style do you predominantly use? Is it directive? Coaching? Visionary? Pace-setting? How much flexibility do you show towards your team? Effective leaders need to be able to use many different leadership styles. Is your current style getting you the results you want? If not, try the complete opposite!
  3. How much time do you spend on ‘tasks’ vs. ‘creating the right environment’ to enable your team to deliver? Ideally it should be 50/50, with you doing less ‘tasks’. If you spend more than 50% of your time on tasks you need to ‘delegate’ and ‘empower’ your team. If you don’t do this ask yourself why not? What drives you to keep doing ‘tasks’ yourself?
  4. Get the basics right – if you don’t do the following things yet then reconsider your leadership style. It could also explain why you don’t get the results you want.
  • Be confident but show humility to others and your team.
  • Have honest conversations – giving and asking for feedback from your team on how to be more effective. Then do something with it.
  • Show that you care and have empathy with your team – it’s not about you!
  • Listen; really actively listen instead of just talking.
  • Ask more questions instead of giving the solutions to your team.
  • Have career conversations with your team, followed by regular development plan checks.
  • Every leader should have a ‘leadership- and climate-related goal’ in their performance reviews.
  • Be candid in all you do and say.
  • Be communicative – talk about sensitive issues instead of sending an email.

So, what are you waiting for … enhance your effectiveness as a leader right NOW.


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by Abdul aziz 07.10.2014
Great leadership skill
by Shay McConnon 11.02.2015
Really like this – straight talking, to the point.

Your question “What is your leadership brand?” provoked the following questions for me

• What is the model of leadership you subscribe to?

• What are you prepared to stand up and counted for, re treatment of colleagues?

• How do you want to be perceived by your colleagues?

• What would you like to overhear someone say about you?

• How do you want to be remembered by your team, your customers, and the business?

And as you say, clarify your brand, articulate it, live it, be accountable for it. Write it down. And measure yourself against it.

The simplicity and focus of your questions should take many people’s leadership to the next level.

by hammad 12.10.2023
Leadership isn't just about good or great – it's about the difference you make. What do you want to be known for as a leader? How can you inspire your team? These are the questions that can ignite change. I have also read a good article on how to be a great boss which alligins perfectly with your work. Thanks for sharing such a good article.