So what is it like to be a designer at Reebok? I am glad you asked, and up until I arrived at the doorsteps of the building, that was the question on my mind as well. My name is Seth Maxwell and I am a recent graduate of college who could not wait to begin my experience designing at Reebok. I am a footwear designer as part of Reebok’s unique Apprenticeship Program which seeks to provide recent graduates the opportunity to work inside of a fitness-centered brand. I myself have always had a keen interest in Reebok for its dedication to fitness, and am thrilled to be a part of this amazing company. I could write all day about how awesome Reebok is, but what I really want to tell you is what it is like to walk a day in my Reebok shoes.

The Reebok headquarter – an inspiration of its own

Coming up to the building, one would immediately draw the connection that Reebok itself is not located in an ordinary office building. The whole structure stands tall and domineering behind a grove of trees, giving the impression similar to that of a fortress. This intimidating impression is quickly relieved when instead the building seems to motivate you with the large text printed on its exterior windows of 3…2…1…GO! It doesn’t take long to realize that Reebok is a creative and fun workplace. Walking inside the building along the “spine,” which is the connecting hallway throughout the structure, one would pass by the gym facility. The gym itself is expansive and even includes a basketball court right inside. What kind of corporate headquarters is this?

Evaluating material selections.

The design floor, which is where I spend my time when working, is also just as dynamic and electric as the rest of the building. Inside, one can see different conceptual shoes and apparel displayed, as well as their creators busy at work. As I mentioned, I am passionate about footwear, and the first time I saw the design floor I was completely stunned to see all sorts of amazing shoes as well as the people who designed them. Let me tell you, I was as nervous and excited as a fan standing in line to get an autograph from a celebrity.

Never a dull moment at Reebok

Up to this point in my apprenticeship, I have had the chance to work in a variety of places in the footwear design process. I have adjusted colorways on multiple shoe models for upcoming seasons, assisted in evaluating material selections, helped to create tech packs for several shoes, as well as gone to the sampling room at Reebok to begin prototyping innovative footwear concepts. I have sat in on meetings and shared some of my own insights and ideas with other designers in my team. Every day I am continually learning more both about footwear and design in general. It is certainly safe to say that there is never a dull moment at this company. It truly is a dynamic work environment.

A designer at work, sketching some drafts.

With all this exposure to some of the inner workings of the company, I have great respect for Reebok for its focus on improving the performance of the consumer. From runners to cross trainers, Reebok constantly pushes itself to create products that will enhance the athlete. This dedication I find to be very admirable, and it pushes me to work my absolute hardest to ensure that Reebok continues to be known as a true and reliable fitness brand. I really hope that you learned a lot from what I have been experiencing so far in my apprenticeship here at Reebok. Every day is new and exciting, and coming in to work is always fun. If you are ever in the Canton, Massachusetts area, I strongly suggest that you take some time and visit the Reebok Headquarters.
I guarantee you will not regret it, as I know I certainly haven’t!


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by Deborah 08.08.2014
Great article on working at a Reebok. I was wondering what schools and what major are recommended for working as a show designer?