Being inspired by the whole topic of attitude at work, I took the time to sit down and think about what were my top 10 tips. So here they are:

My top 10 tip list of how you can influence your own or others’ attitude for better results:

1. Your positive attitude begins the moment you wake up

Being a parent of two young boys, I’ve made a point of getting up 30mins earlier to start the day in a relaxed but organized manner. I make myself a really good cappuccino, switch on Spotify, read the headlines on the iPad of the (sports) news, check my calendar for that day and open up the curtains for bright light to start the day thinking: it’s going to be a great one! This attitude influences the entire family, which boosts my happiness in return.

2. Getting sensitive topics out of the way first

After dropping the kids off at school, I reserve time for 30 minutes of ‘important’ topics to be dealt with via a telephone call. An important topic is quite often a sensitive topic that could be much better resolved during a personal conversation as opposed to the cold email contact. Furthermore, I have experienced that resolving sensitive topics straightaway in the morning will clear the path for the rest of the day.

3. Wishing everyone a good start of the day

When I enter (with a smile on my face) in the office, I greet everyone in person in the morning. I ask how he/she is doing and wish them well with the task that they are working on that day. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but you will find that a lot of colleagues will respond to you with a smile.

4. Accessibility

I try to keep an open door policy as much as I can and everyone knows that they can always step into the office. I find accessibility of senior leaders a very positive attitude and try to apply that to the organization that I work in. You will find that people will respect your time by keeping the conversations very short and it will often leave a positive advice/comment for the individual.

People working in an industrial work environment. GamePlan A - attitude at work - positivity - colleagues

5. Home away from home

Working in a nice office environment contributes to a positive way of working. I’ve got lots of sports memorabilia, special adidas products, trophies or other recognitions and large family photos hanging around my office. Because we all spend more than 30% of our day in the office, you might as well surround yourself with things you like or make you feel like you are home.

6. Contagious

Make sure that you have a group of like-minded people with a positive attitude around you. I realize that this is not always possible but, when you can, avoid people with negative attitudes. It sounds like a cliché, but a positive attitude can be contagious, and so can a negative attitude. Don’t let yourself be brought down by someone else’s bad attitude.

Woman standing in a coffee bar at adidas. GamePlan A - attitude at work - positivity - job - atmosphere

7. Every working day is the start of a new day

It’s up to me as to how I deal with work topics that occur during the day. If you look at the positive side of things, instead of the negative, you will have a much better day at work.

8. Be appreciative

I leave the office the same way I entered: asking the team members about their day, thanking them for their efforts and wishing them a good evening.

9. Be organized

I use the time to get back home to organize the next day or to clear up any outstanding topic via telephone. Being well organized is an important foundation for having a positive attitude and high productivity.

10. Ending the day positively

The moment I arrive home, the family takes over all the focus and positive attitudes. It’s great to listen to their stories of the day and a key question that I ask my children every day in bed before sleeping is: what did you like most about today?Their answer secures a positive memory before they close their eyes and snooze into dream land.

So what are yours? Worth taking the time to think about it.


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by Sarah 23.06.2014
Lovely! These are all things I will try and practise in my day-to-day life - I think dealing with difficult things is something I struggle with and definitely affects my mood and attitude. I'll aim to deal with them swiftly and personally from now on.
by Andrea 24.06.2014
interesting. thats sounds more a commercial than a usual day...... sorry, but in your day it seams that everything is up to isnt like that. didn't mean to be rude
by Christine Reffel 24.06.2014
That's a great questions to end the day with your kids. what did you like most about today? At the end of ta vacation I usually ask, what did you like best and least about the trip....makes for a better trip next time.
by Jim Cox 02.07.2014 organised. You practice what you preach. You organised your time to write this, thank you.
by Joel 30.07.2014
I particularly like #10. I believe there are many benefits to ending the day on a positive note. We all face different stressful situations throughout the day and focusing on the positives before going to bed will allow you to get a more restful nights sleep.
by Tammy Satchell 08.08.2014
A smile does wonders for even the most reserved office setting. It doesn't cost anyone anything and it may be the one highlight that helps someone through the day!
by Mandy Doolan 16.10.2014
These are all very strong values I share . I believe it is important not to let the behaviours / moods of others around us change our positive state. People project how they are feeling, and reflect like a mirror how their world is for them into our space, 'projection is reflection'.
by Luis Martinez 07.07.2015
Thanks for the insightful tips, Max!! I'll put them into practice starting today and look forward to the positive outcome. Your post reminded me of a famous Gandhi quote: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world". Better start off with a smile and a positive attitude!! Cheers!
by Ania Bialowas-Griffen 07.07.2015
Thank you for sharing Max! Those are extremely important values which I also strongly believe in! My #11 would be: treat people like you want to be treated! :)
by soumen biswas 08.07.2015
Great Tips and it helps indeed. I am so keen to join adidas. Who does not love to work in a company with great reputation and trust. I trust I can make it one day.
by Golam Mustafa 08.07.2015
Thank you very much. You shared here a very good organised day activity which touching evry area of daily life. Office , home and family and their learning. It impressed me. Thank you so much...................
by Vicente Ruiz 02.01.2016
Thank you Max for your advices! Wishing you a Great New Year!!!
by Darrell 23.01.2017
Awesome! Thanks for this, Max! I love how you start and end your day with family as the main focus. Keeps things in perspective. Also, love what you did to your office!
by Donna Gorman 09.05.2017
Excellent 10 tips. I start my day similar to this only I have Faith and prayers that I asked for these topics to help me through out the day.
by Jason Richardson 05.03.2018
Thanks for sharing! Great stuff.
by Jamie 03.06.2018
I read with interest and it came across positive and some points realistic however I am not in management and have to deal with a boss who does none of these things. All your points come from the angle of leading a team. However, I still get on and enjoy my days at work as I am a teacher and love being with my students
Nina Weihrauch
Nina Weihrauch | Editor Jamie 11.06.2018
Hi Jamie,
thanks for your comment. As you're working as a teacher, do you want to share your tips for attitude at work with us? We'd love to hear about your experience and way of getting the most out of your days.

Sporty regards,

by Graham 03.06.2018
Positive attitude - number 1

2. Stop phoney praise or praise for what one is expected and/or should do

3. Genuine praise will be recognised and respected, more importantly of measurable valuable

by Mariano 28.06.2018
I like this post!
by Ayda 28.08.2018