It’s not only about sport but also about physical activity and socializing. My passion is running. If you’re a runner yourself you know the great feeling after a nice training session on the track or a long run in the forest. I want to motivate people to start running, to support people who recently started running or those who would like to get going again. That’s why I offer the Company Sports course “running technique training for beginners”.

In this class I introduce the participants to running, step by step, slowly but surely increasing the distances. No matter if they run 400 meters or 4,000 meters, it’s about being there every week, working out and feeling that it’s getting easier every time they go. It’s about getting in a routine.

What I have experienced with every course is that people get highly motivated when they train in a group – together with friends and colleagues.

It’s easy to talk about running, how great it is, and how much fun it is, when you have been doing it for years. Therefore, I asked some of my course members to write something about their personal motivation, their personal tips and their highlights/experiences.

Have fun reading…

Laura Thimann, Manager Development Apparel

Laura likes to run to free her mind.

“I have been participating in the running class for one year now. For me this is the best mix you could have during a class as it is not pure running but a lot of diverse training blocks. It’s not only about getting a better fitness level but also coming down from work and freeing up the mind. To fully enjoy the running course and to get the best training result you need to consider five essential things:

  1. Overcome your inner temptations and just start running! At one point in time you need to stop talking about doing things – just grab your Supernovas, Boosts or adizeros, go outside and start running.
  2. Do not stop due to bad weather conditions! I know everybody is saying “there is no bad weather but only wrong clothing” and probably you are fed up of hearing this sentence. But here comes the truth – it’s true! If you finish your running class after a really rainy day in autumn, a very cold day in December or a really hot summer day you will feel even better after you have finished.
  3. Never eat before running! Once I had my lunch before the running course because I was just soooo hungry. This was a big mistake as I could not enjoy running at all. I was tired, full and felt really bad. So maybe you just have a banana before running which gives you energy but isn’t that heavy. And after the running course you can enjoy your lunch and re-charge from the exercises.
  4. Drink! Drink! Drink! Always have something to drink with you or just have a glass of water before your course starts.
  5. Have fun! Last but not least, everything mentioned above doesn’t make sense if you cannot enjoy your running class and have fun. There might be some days when you feel bad, you are too busy or you don’t want to go. In this case just follow point one on the list, take your shoes, smile and start running!”

 Susanne Schuldes, Senior Executive Assistant

The training group does not see bad weather as an excuse to skip training.

“I have been joining the class on a regular basis for almost a year now. My main reason to continue with this course? The great mix of endurance, strength and coordination training. I was surprised how rich in variety running training can be – core strengthening exercises, technique exercises on the soccer field or exercises with Swiss balls are only some things to mention. My personal highlight is when we leave the track and run outside the adidas campus. Training in a group pushes your motivation tremendously. Apart from the sports aspect, this training is fun and in the end it offers the joy of overcoming one’s weaker self. If you stick with it, it all pays off!”

Frederika Glosova, Assistant Manager

Frederika feels more motivated to exercise in a group than all by herself.

“How to overcome your weaker self? The solution is easier than you think, so read carefully. Doing sport in a team/with a group is always easier than alone. So I took the Company Sports magazine and had a look which course fits best and sounds most interesting to me. The running technique training for beginners was the best match for me. I signed up and blocked my calendar! I go to the course regularly and in the meantime I have also been able to convince my partner to start running. Now, we go running together on the weekends. Another positive aspect: I got to know many colleagues from different departments.” This is just one out of almost 200 courses Company Sports offers and I think the comments from my course members clearly show that you don’t need to be a high-performance athlete to join a course. It is about fun, working out together, networking and socializing. And of course it is always about pushing yourself a bit further and fighting against one’s weaker self, even if it is pouring with rain outside. Bad weather, not time – there are a lot of excuses not to work out but all this doesn’t count: GET YOUR SHOES ON – START RUNNING & FEEL GOOD!


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by Steven 02.06.2014
The fact is that our head decides more than our bodies. To me it is often the case that my body has really pleasurable to sports, but my head says "no". Then I find the sport quite heavy. But recently, I think of something good and the sport is working again.
by mario rosell 05.10.2015
It is great to read that companies are promoting healthy initiatives at work! great job adidas! As an entrepreneur, I have founded a running community for healthy companies and hotels in Barcelona. It is interesting to see how may conpanies are taking it seriously, even when coming to Barcelona for a business event and joining our running sessions! (