Football players are getting faster. The game in general moves at a faster pace nowadays. But what’s next? Determining the future of sport, this is what the adidas innovation team does. As the Innovation Director for football, I look three to five years out to understand where the game is going and how the player requirements change when it comes to football products.

The latest adidas football jerseys for the 2014 World Cup for example are 50% lighter than the previous ones, which actually were also very light already. Why? Because giving players every edge they can get at the top of their game makes a real difference.

Being very close to the athletes and working with some really cool and high-tech machines and technology definitely is key for us to be able to always come up with the next greatest football products. Let me take you on a tour through our innovation lab to show you where all the magic happens. This place is top secret; so much that not even all adidas employees get access to it …


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by Max 23.03.2014
Hi, i was wondering why you have never pushed on stretch fabrics rather than polyester? I think that movement and comfort and feel are far better with stretch. PL is rigid does not have a nice feel and esthetically looks cheap. Looking forward to your reply. Max
by Sam Stricklikng 09.04.2014
This was an amazing video! It was very exciting to see behind the curtain at what goes on to make the best products, the athlete involvement and the technical innovations are inspiring.
by Jason huddleston 10.06.2014
Tony I just read your comments and will

leave my e mail address. New Brunswick 1995?
by Laura Burke 18.09.2014
As a mother of a 12yo soccer player, I always prefer adidas over any other brand. The boots and clothing have always worn much better than any other brand and despite marketing pressure and peer pressure we have pretty much always stayed on target. Recently I noticed that at the age my son is now, boys can be almost young adults in stature or, like my son, much lighter and still child-like. So I was wondering if there's a possibility for adidas to look into foot protection. When a child who's a year or so older than my son injurs my son's foot with his studs, the effect is pretty dramatic, whereas someone of my son's weight would make no impression were that to happen to him. It's not always deliberate, mostly accidents, but last week my son's foot look like it had been run over by a steam roller and bitten by a 20 ton snake. Is it an option to address this age-specific problem. It didn't seem so bad a couple of years ago, and I imagine will become less of a problem as his growth rate catches up with the early bloomers. Many thanks for your consideration.
by Jonas 26.02.2015

Great stuff, would like to keep in touch New Brunswick 90-95