Since 1998 I have been involved in the development and the design of the official match ball for the FIFA World Cup. “What makes a perfect football?” This is the question we at the adidas Innovation Team constantly ask ourselves. In the end it comes down to a mixture of many things, from material development to aerodynamic research and sometimes we really have to dive deep into mathematics and even the world of geometry… just like with the “brazuca” that is built in perfect symmetry out of 6 totally identical panels.

I have been with adidas for almost 20 years now and as a passionate footballer myself I am still proud to be a part of an event like the Football World Cup. The moment the ball is played at the event for the first time is very special and only thinking about it I already get goose bumps.

People often ask me how much there is to reinvent every four years, if a ball is just always round in the end? Well, before I started with adidas I had never imagined how many details there are to think of when it comes to footballs…


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by Sam 26.03.2014
Cool. I would really like to see an awesome ball made after all the controversy of the last one. I think that May have been the strikers just complaining though
by Mauroof AHMED 28.03.2014
I am also a football passionate guy. Played, coaches and managed teams at the highest level in my country Maldives. I began my career as a young player in 1981 where football was at a transition in my country. There was no proper playing fields and Ofcourse the kind of ball that we get to play was the Japanese Mikasa brand footballs that are extremely hard skin and slow in speed.

Because of the quality of the balls I happened to be one of the many goalkeepers who suffered the most. Handling the ball was so difficult and the pain absorbed were immense. It was only during the last few years ofof my playing career that we got the privilege of playing with the soft skin Adidas footballs that are widely used in the country today.

I am extremely amazed to know that to manufacture a top quality football today lot of creativity and innovation is used. This tremendous development that had put into the making of football not only has made the ball a quality product that would serve the needs of the player but it also contribute for the development of the players skills that are watched and enjoyed by millions of football lovers.
by Employer + Product Branding: Hinter den Kulissen von adidas Fußball | Crosswater Job Guide 28.04.2014
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