Inspiration may lurk anywhere and you never know when it hits you. As a designer it’s your job to turn this process into something proactive. It’s not about getting hit by inspiration but about finding it.

I am part of the adidas design team that is responsible for designing the football jerseys for our teams at the football world cup this year. The job itself as designer allows you to research into a wide variety of subject and is a great challenge. Working out the national identity of a country and incorporate this into the design of the football shirts, this is what is driving us. My friends always ask me how we work and where we get our inspiration from – well, sometimes it is more unconventional than you would think…

What is your recipe to boost your own creativity?

Is there anything you need to get hit by ideas? Do you maybe have any rituals you follow? After all creativity is always helpful, no matter where you work. Leave a comment or engage with us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (use #inside3stripes) to share your thoughts.

Stay Tuned

In the next post of this world cup series you’ll meet Hans-Peter who is the mastermind behind the key-technology of the Brazuca, official match ball of the FÌFA World Cup 2014. He’ll share with you what is so special about Brazuca and how adidas achieves to always improve its products. The post will be published on 26. March 2014.

More valuable knowledge about how we make football happen and design football jerseys:


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by Dean Gannon 20.03.2014
As a qualified graphic designer and also a management employee of adidas originals, I found this article both very interesting and informative and hopefully one day I will be able to add to a future discussion similar to this but as a designer for adidas.
by Frank Thomas (Moderator) 21.03.2014
Hi Dean, wouldn't that be great! You might be interested in checking out this microsite:

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
by Sam 26.03.2014
Sounds like an awesome job! I live all the Adidas shirts and everything!
by Zurab Chkhaidze 08.07.2014
My inspiration hits me when i have a good look on the football clubs crests. Nottingham forest,Ipswich town and number of others have wavy lines on it. Why can't Adidas use 3 wavy lines running down the shoulders in lieu of 3 straight strips. I know 3 strips is iconic feature of Adidas and it is great. But if you will look at "football shirt culture" site for many people this iconic design bored with. Both mentioned clubs has glorious pasts, have many supporters and if you will use my idea for even third kit i am more then sure it will be something new and extraordinary. With great regards Zura
by Alex 01.11.2014
Im 17 years old, and i love doing this! This is my dream!
by star 30.06.2023
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