So you’ve formed your opinion about adidas, trawled open positions on the adidas jobs site, composed an online application, submitted your CV and cover letter and now you’ve now been invited for a personal interview. But interviews are tricky, right?

A quick Internet search will return pages upon pages of advice and guidance on how to act… how to dress… how to prepare… it’s a minefield to navigate. This becomes even more difficult when you add into the mix the excitement of that interview being with an aspirational brand like adidas.

Well, the good news is, when we interview we want to see you at your best! To help you get there, our Global Recruitment Team has compiled a list of top “DO’S & DON’TS” to consider when preparing for your adidas job interview.

But before we dive in, I won’t pretend these will work for other businesses but rather they will help you to understand the rules of our game.


  • Be relaxed and have a positive mindset. There really is nothing to be scared of. Our managers want to feel your passion and to understand your skills. This will help them imagine where you would fit within the team and what value you can bring.
  • Be Yourself. Our culture is really very important to us (learn more about it here and here). We are really looking to meet and understand the real you. Authenticity and honesty are key!
  • Be Prepared. Our managers want to see your commitment level, motivation and initiative. This includes a solid understanding of the job, our business, our marketplace and our competitors. Our Company Website as well as this Blog can be valuable sources for your research. But don’t forget the small details that can have a big impact – like knowing where and when the interview is and turning up at the right place on time!
  • Be Clear and Concise. Our managers are looking to get to what you do best quickly. Be ready with examples of your achievements and stay on track with your answers.
  • Be Curious. A few well thought-out questions will go a long way in demonstrating your thought process, values/wants and understanding of the role – all of which will be important for the manager to understand.

woman and man in hallway job interview dresscode
We recommend you to dress casual yet professional.


  • Don’t over-/underdress. We are a sports company, dress accordingly. Wearing competitor products is a BIG NO-GO! Sports by nature are competitive; the sports industry is no different. Our managers will expect to see that you understand and respect that.
  • Don’t over-/undersell yourself. Deal in facts. Our managers will look for examples and would expect these to be presented in a calm but confident way.
  • Don’t speak poorly of past professional/personal experiences. Doing so will lead a manager to question your loyalties to our brand in the future.
  • Don’t ask about Perks/Salaries. Our managers want to get to know you; HR will discuss the package at the right time.
  • Don’t name-drop. The sports industry is small and everyone knows everyone. Name-dropping could lead a manager to think you are hoping your relationships will get you in. If you’re confident in your abilities this won’t be necessary.

So there we have it. Follow these 10 simple steps and you can’t go far wrong. With that I will sign off with two key points: Firstly, don’t get discouraged if you are not successful first time round. Ask for feedback and work on those points. Managers will like that you have addressed these points and have worked towards improving upon them.

Secondly, GOOD LUCK, I hope to see you around the World of Sports soon.

Interested in a career at adidas?

Mar 21, 2023

Data Engineer

Gurgaon | India | Data & Analytics


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by Anthony 03.02.2014
Thank you for posting this Jennifer!

These are some great tips that will be helpful for the future.

I look forward to being a part of the adidas team one day and enjoy reading your posts!

- Anthony
by Michael Nekic 03.02.2014
Great tips, thank you! So you wouldn't recommend a suit and tie then?
by Jennifer Cunningham 04.02.2014
Hi Anthony & Michael

Thanks to both of you for your lovely comments and for contributing to our community.

In response to the question about a Suit & Tie; typically its not expected but we certainly won't hold it against you if you do choose to "dress up". We totally recognize that some people feel more confident and professional wearing a suit and tie and therefore prefer to dress like this for an interview. In general though smart top with jeans or pants/skirt is ok. I would say however when in doubt, do check with your local recruiter what the dress code is and they will be happy to advise.

Hope this helps & good luck!!
by Doak 04.02.2014
Hi Jennifer,

This is unrelated to the initial post, but do you know who I could email to find out about application status for posted jobs that I applied for on the adidas group site. I applied Jan. 7 got the automated response saying it was received later that day. The status on my job page has said "Application in Process" since then. I'm assuming the two jobs have been filled, but was curious since I didn't get another email. Thanks!
by Ahmed 05.02.2014
I would like to thank you so much Jennifer for sharing this valuable tips. They are really helpful. If I've been short listed for an interview, do you use Skype interviews or it should be on-site?
by Jennifer Cunningham 05.02.2014
Hi Doak

Its possible that your application is still in process. If you send me the details of the role, position number, job title and location I will have the relevant recruiter contact you. In general we expect that our candidates are communicated to ever two weeks, sometimes we do miss that due to unforeseen circumstances but that's our aim. I'm sorry that you have been left in the dark and don't know what's happening.

best Jen
by Jennifer Cunningham 05.02.2014
Hi Ahmed, thanks for your sweet comments, truly.

We use a variety of interview tools and methods so it totally depends on the role and the team that you are dealing with on the position. We do use Skype a lot but do also have video Interviews, telephone Interviews, Face2Face and Assessment centers. Most will follow a similar format and if you follow the guidelines and do your research you will be fine i'm sure! Good luck.
by Doak 05.02.2014
Jennifer, the two positions I applied for were Tour Content Manager (#14152) and Social Media Coordinator (#14482). Both positions are with adidas Taylormade in Carlsbad, CA. Thanks so much for the help.
by Alex 07.02.2014
Thank you for you insight I'll be sure to use your advice. I got lucky enough to get invited for two interviews one for Adidas and the other for Reebok and i'm not how to go about it since I'll be basically interviewing for the same company. Do you have any tips I can use to go about it? Both are on the same day.
by Tatiana 19.02.2014
Thanks for your DO’S & DON’TS Jennifer!

This blog is a really interesting tool to be more prepared for an internview with Adidas Group! I will continue aplying and looking for a position that matches with my profile in this amazing company
by Michael Reichert 10.03.2014
Hello Jennifer,

I am also trying to find out more information about application status for a posted job that I applied for, on the adidas group site. I applied for the position of Warehouse-Management-System Administrator (16043) 02 Jan 14 and got the automated response saying it was received later that day. The status is still showing “Application in Process” since then. I am trying to remain patient and positive and look forward to hearing any further information on my application.

Thank you

by Silvia (Moderator) 10.03.2014
Dear Michael, thanks for the interest in this position, but also for the adidas Group in general. Apologies for the slow reply on this occasion. We have checked with the relevant HR Manager and the position is still open – we will be starting the process very soon, so you should expect to hear the result of your application within the next 3 weeks.
by Mary 18.03.2014
Great advice! I found it very helpful - definitely gave me more confidence going into my video interview yesterday. Thanks for posting!
by Medical and Health Jobs 23.04.2014
What I like the most is being yourself. Just tell the interviewer what are the things that you can do and the things that you can't. No lies.
by Mada 03.05.2014
Hello Jennifer,

I would also like to find out more information about my application status for an internship position in Sport Performance Marketing BU Swim (33871) that I applied for on the adidas group website. The location is Herzogenaurach Germany and the job function is Marketing & Communications.

I applied on April 4. Since then, the status on my job has been “Application in Process”.

Thank you in advanced and I look forward to hearing any further information about my application.
by Mohammed Sajid 05.05.2014
I would like to work in adidas
by Caryl Anne 08.05.2014
In my opinion, there are excellent bits of information in here that could be used for any job interview. I agree 100% that you must know and understand the company before going in for an interview. Most people don't do this, and to me, this could make or break you getting the job. Thanks for sharing!
by John 25.02.2015
These are very useful tips. It however scares me to attend an interview dressed casually. Do you have case studies in your interviews? What is their nature- presenting by power point etc? When do you get to know the results of an interview? Is one allowed to ask the recruiter questions before the interview?
by khazi mohammed aalam 27.02.2015

Iam interest this job
by Sofia Grayson 16.03.2015
Hi Jennifer I find your points relevant while interviewing a candidate for diversity sales jobs.
by Colin McDermott 27.06.2015
Some great tips. Love the one about not wearing competitor brands. I can image some funny situations where this rule was broken! My advice would always to be as honest as possible in an interview, there shouldn't be a need to exaggerate or make things up.
by Tayo Adaran 04.06.2016
Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing your insight, it was really thoughtful!

Tayo Adaran
by Ariel 03.05.2017
Thank you so much Jennifer!

This article has such great insight about the brand and answered a couple of my questions I was going to ask the recruiter.

by Limmuel A. Guico 21.02.2018
Very well-said Jennifer!
I am one of all the 7.6 billion people all over the world who believes and trust Adidas.
I very much look forward to becoming a part of your team in the future.
"Impossible is nothing."
by Crystal 16.03.2018
Thank you Jennifer. I have an interview on Monday and this really help put my mind at ease. Great Work!
by Rebeca 08.05.2019
HI! Thanks for your post. I applied for the trademark counsel position in the Portland office on April 8th, but still haven't heard anything at all and my online status is "application in process". Do you know if they've already started the hiring process for this position or how I could obtain an update on my status? Thank you!!
by Markus 02.09.2019
I think it's a great idea to make clear your expectations.

It takes the pressure off the applicant because often enough you don't know what you will be confronted with in a job interview.

Every large company should give such tips. It makes the application process much more efficient.
by Catherine 06.12.2019
These 10 Simple Steps really helped me understand, be prepared and be in the right frame of mind for my interview, Awesome & Thank you!
by adrian sanchez 10.11.2020
I would love to have the opportunity to be part of this incredible family and learn with you guys.
by Hassan 12.12.2020
Perfect tips these tips will increase your chances of hiring.,
by Nico 19.04.2021
Thank you so much for the tips! Will be such a big help in my upcoming interviews! Adidas is truly the best!
by Nontobeko 09.05.2023
Currently job seeking at your organisation I would like the opportunity to be part of your team ,I believe I have enough experience in retail
by Mohammed mohi uddin faraz 10.06.2023
This company is our dreams. I hope one day. We get a job in my dreams company