If you are working at adidas, the chances are very high you’ll know the ZX Series. Not only because the ZX Series was one of adidas’ game changers (read more about it here – go to the year 1989), but also because you are sure to have seen various models being sported by many of our colleagues. So you don’t have to be a sneakerhead to know the ZX Series. adidas has presented a new ZX family member at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Loving fashion and working in PR, Berlin Fashion Week is twice a year the place to be. It’s always exciting to see the mass of different creative people come together and exchange new ideas, trends and looks. Not all PR clichés are true. Fashion Week is full of hard work and everything but sleep… ok, but you will hardly find a place without exciting events. So no need to complain!

The ZF FLUX event was one of my personal highlights – and I know it was for many other sneaker fans too. It was a great evening with perfect tunes and great people. Launching a product with a heritage like the ZX has to be celebrated appropriately. Writing this post after the event, I can definitely confirm that adidas employees not only work really hard, but also know how to party!

Me (Jan) with two journalists
ZX Flux launch event in Berlin
ZX Flux launch event in Berlin
ZX Flux launch event in Berlin
ZX Flux launch event in Berlin
01 of

I’ve not only always been a fan of good events. More importantly I’ve also always had a strong passion for fashion and design. I’ve always felt that a product is not only defined by its look. It’s the story behind the design which makes me and many other admire a shirt, a sports product or a shoe like the ZX. It’s all of us giving the adidas products their looks, character and, in the end, their stories.

The ZX Flux, for example, is created upon a strong line of ZX models. Essentially, it’s the 1989 model of the ZX 8000 stripped down to its core DNA. 25 years on from the ZX 8000 conception, the ZX FLUX is as style-conscious and full of spirit as the rest of the ZX family. It’s the fusion of innovative new technology and instinctively clean aesthetics which makes also the newest ZX so special and makes it turn heads.

But who could explain the ZX Flux better than the adidas employees behind it themselves?

Not even available in retail yet, the ZX FLUX is already being hyped in various media (see some examples here, here and here). It seems to me like everybody in the sneaker scene is talking about it. Everybody loves the shoe and can’t wait to get his or her own pair the day it comes out.

What I want to tell you by saying this? Working at adidas, for me, it’s not only working with heritage products. It’s working on modern, desirable products, which have a heritage story to tell. When working on topics like the ZX FLUX, it’s not about repeating history, it’s about making new history. Maybe it’s you in 25 years who can say, “I was part of adidas, when the ZX FLUX was first released”.

Let the new history begin!


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by Simone Pardini 29.01.2014
Great....I really hope, zx flux will be a success story....

Trust and believe

Fight to win ????
by Sina 31.01.2014
by sneaxs Kiel 03.02.2014
We love the ZX Flux!

Hope we sell many of these nice Sneakers
by Waldemar Razik 06.02.2014
Jan, it is a very nice coverage of the event. I can imagine that it is a challenge to balance between work, fashion design and partying... There was a colorful variety of ZX Flux models presented at the event in Berlin. Incredible. I'm looking forward to seeing the colorful versions in the stores. Thank you. All the best. Waldemar
by adidas Originals ZX 'Memphis Pack' - Available Now | WearTesters 09.04.2014
[…] unveiling of the ZX series in 1989 was what adidas calls, a game changer for their running category. While the technology is a bit outdated for todays standards, the ZX […]
by Lachlan 15.04.2016
I recently received a pair of the all black ZX Flux from a friend in decent condition apart from the laces and one of the torsion tags that was on the laces fell off is there any way of buying these tags by them selves
by designertrade 21.05.2021
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