As engaged and motivated people we work a lot and we also live in a society that is becoming ever more oriented towards performance and consumerism. This results in ever-increasing demands on our private and professional lives. Therefore, we often start working earlier in the morning, stay in the office a lot longer in the evening or work on weekends. As a result, regular rest periods and sleep tend to miss out. Does this sound familiar to you?

7 statements you should check out for 2014

By taking regular breaks you will find yourself more relaxed, content, and able to achieve more. Test yourself by checking out whether the following statements refer to you or not:

  • I make sure that I get enough breaks and relax regularly – I don’t wait until my body makes me do so!
  • I regularly play sports and get active.
  • I arrange to have a good time with my friends regularly.
  • I take the time to enjoy a healthy meal in a relaxed atmosphere at least once a day.
  • I use relaxation techniques (such as autogenic training)
  • I grant myself 7 – 9 hours sleep at least three times a week.
  • I don’t use caffeine or any synthetic products to keep me going or to get me going.

The more often you have agreed to these statements, the better you look after your own work-life balance.

How to best relax is hard to generalize and actually totally up to you – some people get away from it all while getting active, others prefer a night out with friends or choose autogenic training. Whatever you favor – it’s important not to forget regular breaks during work.


Why not take the chance of the NEW YEAR and follow the actions listed above as your New Year’s resolution to manage your work-life balance successfully.

2014 is a NEW YEAR with lots of opportunities to work on the NEW YOU!

Take enough time for yourself!


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by Daniel 17.02.2014
It's True. My biggest resolution for this year is to feed myself healthier and exercise more. That's why I also have been until last week on vacation. There I hiked a lot and have recovered at the spa. A good start for the new year or not?