Here are five easy steps to start 2014 the CrossFit way.

1. Join your local CrossFit BOX!

CrossFit is all about the community and the coaches at the boxes! Try to go to your local affiliate and take an intro class, sign up for their elements program or just watch a class! There are boxes all over now, so try a few of them out and wherever you feel at home and feel cared about, that is the place for you!

2. Follow Reebok CrossFit ONE’s Travel WOD’s for the on the road workouts –

The next CrossFit box is just around the corner.

If you can not join a local box, you have some experience and you travel a lot, or have a hard time making to a gym, try the Reebok CrossFit ONE travel WOD’s! We post these work outs every day on our website, and they coincide with the main programming for the members at our Box at the Reebok world HQ. They are designed for hotel gyms or less, with a little spice of creativity to illicit the closet response to the original WOD that we can. We follow a 5 days on 2 days off training schedule to work around the weekend.

3. Try to eat less processed food or refined sugar. Think perimeter of the grocery store, minus the bakery!

When it comes to the results that everyone talks about, you need to ask yourself “how do you look, how do you feel and how do you perform?” Then from there how do you fuel yourself to get to the desired end state? And the most simple way to start this journey is to eat foods that are not processed or contain refined sugar. If it has an expiration date that is at the end of the week, it is probably a good choice! Try to limit your food that has lots of processed ingredients, simply stick to the permitter of the store, the produce and meat section should be where you mainly live! And remember not to eat too much of anything one thing!

4. What ever you decide to do, do it consistently – that is step one.

Do what you want – but do it consistently!

No matter what you do, try to do it consistently. Consistency is the best way to achieve anything that you are in pursuit of. Whether you are CrossFitting or walking, do it consistently and you will see some sort of adaptation. There is no doubt that some programs will yield better results than others, but step one is making a choice to do something and do it regularly.

5. Try to learn a new sport, skill or hobby – learning new things stimulates the brain, as well as the body – both necessary for progression!

Learning new skills is something that we often do not do past a certain age or stage in our life. Learning something new, a sport, a hobby or skill will allow you to apply what you have been doing to garner more fitness and capacity, which is rewarding and fun! Try to play a sport and get back to your days of playing sports, it is more rewarding than you can imagine!


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