Why we tackle work life with an athlete’s heart.

Through sport, we have the power to change lives. This core belief unites all adidas employees around the globe.

Sport helps us to be confident, collaborative and creative in everything we do – everyday.

This is why we created GamePlan-A.com, a digital hub that promotes tackling work life with an athlete’s heart, be it at adidas or anywhere else. Our very own  colleagues, partners, athletes and role models will share their experiences of a sport-infused work life for those who are driven by sport.

Join The Huddle and be a Playmaker, not a Spectator.

We want everyone else with an athlete’s heart to take an active role, too. Because GamePlan A is for those who believe in the power of sport.

So if you want to connect with like-minded people and get support in combining your athletic lifestyle with your creative and entrepreneurial ambitions, join the huddle and help us to start a movement: to make work life better, more inspiring and fun. Be a playmaker, not a spectator. Speak up and contribute to the discussion.

Let’s help each other to make a difference, win business, find balance, strengthen our teams, and enjoy our career game.

Let’s push each other to become our work lives’ MVPs.